The New Visualization Innovation

New Visualization Innovation

In his excellent article called “The New Visualization Innovation”, Tom Venuto gives us a guide to the mental training methods for fitness. Visualization for fitnes?  Yes!  Every human activitie requires visualization to succeed. Recognizing the mind’s duty in motivation and actions is among the most essential elements in physical fitness success. If you fight with … Read more

How to Make a Simple Vision Board to Visualize Your Goals

how to make a simple vision board

How to Make a Simple Vision Board How to Make a Simple Vision Board The “vision board” (or “visualization board“) is a visual representation (photos, pictures, text, quotes) of the future to which we aspire. It increases your opportunities of getting where you intend to go, by routinely sending the brain the concept that you … Read more

My Virtual Life Vision Board on Steroids Story Time

Virtual Life Vision Board Virtual life vision boards are a digital representation of your goals and aspirations. Similar to traditional vision boards, virtual life vision boards allow you to display and organize your aspirations. A virtual life vision board helps provide motivation and direction as you work towards your desired outcomes. You can harness the … Read more