Create a Vision Board with Intention to Boost Manifestation

Create a vision board with intention

Create a vision board with intention

If you want the best results, you have to create a vision board with intention.

You are what you think. Your mind always believes what you say, which is why it is important to feed it with positive and supportive thoughts.

A good way to shape your mind is to create a vision board with all your intentions and the things you want to focus on.

The things we want to get, see happen.

A vision board is a tool that I discovered when I became interested in the law of attraction. It is used to manifest our desires as visualization is a very powerful mental exercise.

The Law of Attraction is based on the assumption that you attract events, circumstances, and opportunities through your mind.

A positive mind will motivate you to do different things, step out of your comfort zone, and be disciplined.

A negative mind will make you abandon your plans, it will make you doubt yourself and lose confidence.

The mind has real power. The purpose of a vision board is to encourage us to visualize.

Passing every day in front of a table that brings together all our desires will stimulate our mind. When you visualize yourself living a dream, your brain is preparing you for that reality.

Mind is reality – so think about what you want to be to attract it.


Vision Board 101

It is important to understand the purpose of a vision board and to cultivate a positive mindset. If you think you can just paste a series of pictures on a board and get it all, no.

It doesn’t work that way. You have to choose images and words intentionally and understand that you have to work for the vision board to work.

It is not magic in and of itself, but with the right mindset and ambition, results can be.

I became a bit of a pro at creating vision boards. No matter how big and / or unrealistic my desires are, every vision board created has inspired me to make things possible.

It’s hard to believe that a small board that has magazine clippings on it has that much power, but the truth is, it works if you create it right.


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The Purpose of a Vision Board

Visualize – As I mentioned before, visualization is a powerful tool in helping our brains prepare our bodies for the reality of our mind.

Goals – Creating a vision board is about thinking about what you want to see happen and this will help determine your goals and the path you need to take to achieve them.

Decision Making – When you need to make a decision, take the time to visualize your end goal. This will help to make useful decisions.

Motivation – The visual board will be a source of motivation and inspiration when things don’t go as planned. It will help you remember why you started and encourage you to take action.

Determination – It’s easy to get lost after a while, but it will be much less likely to happen with a vision board since you will have your desires in front of you every day.

So it is very important to create a vision board with intention.


Vision board January 2011 FINAL | Nadia Arbach | Flickr


Before Creating the Vision Board

Think about what you’ve already accomplished so far

Lots of things happen every day. Take a moment to reflect on what has happened in your life over the past few months.

What have you accomplished? What have you tried? failed ? What made you proud? Considering your successes will help you figure out what to focus on.


Think about the direction you want to take

One thing that a lot of people forget is that you are in control of your life. If you don’t like something in your life, you can change it.

“I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose its content. ” is a statement that I really like. We tend to stay in a job, a relationship or a friendship that does not suit us because we have the impression that this is life, it is like that.

You are destined to have that job that you won’t like for the rest of your life. OH HELL NO! 

You can take matters into your own hands and choose which direction to take your life, that’s also what the vision board is for.


What do you want to change?

No matter who you are or where you are at, there’s bound to be something you want to change about yourself or your life. It’s human. Maybe you want to start your business, lose weight, travel more, write a novel …

The things you want to change are the key to determining the direction your life takes.

Once you know exactly what you want to change, you can do the real work of figuring out how you’re going to do it.


Clearly define your desires

Having your desires and goals in mind BEFORE you start collecting images is essential to creating a vision board that meets your expectations.

Once you have clearly defined your desires, you can be strategic in finding visual elements to display on your board.

It can transform your life, but your job is to build the version you want to be.


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Create your Vision Board

Define your intentions

It is essential to define your intentions and to clarify the type of life you are seeking. You can do this by using these types of questions: What do you want to create?

What words, feelings and expressions represent for you the success of your goals? Why do you want to achieve these desires? When you imagine yourself achieving your desires, what is your life like?

You can also use predefined phrases like:

  • When I live my ideal life I want to feel…
  • I want to know more about…
  • My ideal job looks like…
  • A day in my ideal life looks like…
  • My definition of success is…
  • The things that are important to me are…

These are examples, you can find more on the internet. Spend time on this and write down your answers in as much detail as possible.

The more specific you are about the type of life you want, the easier it will be for you to set goals and take action to achieve them.

Also keep in mind that you are thinking about your life.


Collect visuals and create

This is clearly the most fun time! Make yourself comfortable, put on some music or a podcast (like mine for example) and just have fun enjoying the process of creating the life of your dreams.

Choose the type of vision board that works best for you: physical or digital.

Some people create it on a tablet or computer, others on cork boards or in a bullet journal . Do what’s right for you and don’t be afraid to be bold.

Remember this painting represents your best life so dream big.

For the visuals you can either draw, write quotes, cut out images from magazines or print images from search engines or Pinterest.

Focus on visuals that both show the result AND evoke a positive emotion.

Really take your time and be intentional about the images, words, and quotes you choose.

Make sure that by watching them you will feel good and above all motivated to work and create this life .

Once you’ve got all the items together, it’s time to organize them. Put everything together and sketch out what you want to place and where. T

hen paste your elements and write down everything you want to write. And There you go ! All you have to do is place it in a place where you are sure to see it every day .


Watch it every day

Everyday. In order to actually create and manifest this life in reality, you have to constantly remind yourself of what you want.

Hang your picture in your bedroom, in your office … If it’s a digital vision board – put it as a background for your computer and phone. Get in the habit of having him near you. It will help you visualize the life of your dreams.

All results start with your thoughts first. You can choose what you want to think and focus on it. Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings drive your actions. And your actions create your results.

There is no magic formula for this visualization exercise. But if you persevere each day and develop a real will for what you desire, the process itself will be magical.


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create a vision board with intention

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