How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Set a Positive Mindset

Urgent: Stop Negative Thoughts!

Have you seen the damage negative thoughts can cause?  We have to learn how to stop negative thoughts before is too late!

To be healthy and balanced, material, favourable and also active appears to be the exception instead of the standard.

It is very possible that we are not aware of the amount of negative thoughts that we carry inside.

How to stop negative thoughts if we do not know that we are invaded by them?

Just look at any newspaper. What is the eight-column story?

Financial disasters, accidents, new diseases, data on deaths from COVID-19 or the death of a celebrity.

Is it clear now?

We are constantly bombarded by negative thoughts in such amounts, that our subconscious minds capture them without blinking.



How Negative Thoughts Come Inside Us

Before learning how to stop negative thoughts, we must understand how they take over our minds.

Every day we receive information through multiple channels.

Radio, television, internet, newspapers, magazines and comments from coworkers, family, etc.

Human beings tend to show greater interest in what impacts us.

Our fears appear and our imagination places us as the protagonist of the news.

Isn’t it scary to hear that there is more crime in our neighbourhood, or that there was a murder?

You have to understand that we are conditioned by fear.

That’s normal. Living beings have a survival instinct that receives the news in real-time and gets alerted.

That is, our reaction is instinctive and those emotions and feelings penetrate our subconscious as part of it.

To figure out how to stop negative thoughts and change them into positive ones, we must exercise our minds.


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How Negative Thoughts and Complaining Affect Your Brain

“Every time we have a thought we make a chemical. If we have good, elevated thoughts or happy thoughts we make chemicals that make us feel good or happy.

And if we have negative thoughts or bad thoughts or insecure thoughts we make chemicals that make us feel exactly the way we are thinking.

So every chemical that is released in the brain is literally a message that feeds the physical body. Now the body begins to feel the way we are thinking.” ~ Joe Dispenza

All it takes is one check out any consumer evaluation website to see that individuals are a lot more likely to see a disappointment than a good one.

Typically after having a negative experience at a restaurant, or with a customer solution rep at a business, an individual is extra apt to obtain online and create a horrible testimonial.

Whereas, an enjoyable experience is talked about a lot less often.

And even in our individual lives, most individuals while having a thousand points going ‘well’ for them, will certainly still discuss the one or two points not going their method when talking with a close friend or close confidant.

It seems that our brains are still very much educated to concentrate on what is going ‘wrong’ in our lives rather than concentrating on the proof that things are going ‘right.’.


The Negative Thoughts Enigma

Yet why is this? And also what result will all this grumbling have on our bodies and brains in time?

Is it possible to re-wire our minds to start to focus on the good in our lives as opposed to the negative?

All it takes is one look at any consumer review site to notice that people are much more likely to notice a bad experience than a good one.

Often after having a negative experience at a restaurant, or with a customer service representative at a business, a person is more apt to get online and write a terrible review.

Whereas, a pleasant experience is talked about much less frequently.

And even in our personal lives, most people while having a thousand things going ‘well’ for them, will still talk about the one or two things not going their way when talking with a friend or close confidant.

It seems that our brains are still very much trained to focus on what is going ‘wrong’ in our lives rather than focusing on the proof that things are going ‘right.’

But why is this? And what effect will all this complaining have on our bodies and brains over time?

Is it possible to rewire our brains to begin to focus on the good in our lives rather than the bad?


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Are you always looking for potential problems?

In his book, “Buddha Brain – The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom”, Rick Hanson, stated, “your brain has a built-in negative bias, it generates an unpleasant background of anxiety, which for some people can be quite intense; anxiety makes it harder to bring attention inward for self-awareness or contemplative practice, since the brain keeps scanning to make sure there is no problem.”

For many people and especially for those living completely subconsciously, the scanning for claimed problems is occurring on such a subtle level that we most likely have no idea that it’s also happening.

The subconscious mind lives each moment and also faces new individuals, areas and things by first assessing them for any kind of prospective threats.

On a conscious level, this might manifest as not enabling ourselves to obtain as excited regarding things or setting ourselves up for the most awful to make sure that if or when it does happen we can be ready for the excruciating feelings that will undoubtedly happen.

Our present-day ‘killers’ have ended up being the unpleasant feelings we attempt to resist, distract ourselves from or deny in any way expense.

Points such as having our heart damaged, getting slammed, shedding money or the loss of our loved ones are all examples of points that we might mentally get ourselves prepared to experience method before the actual circumstance even happens.

We are additionally very much hard-wired to come close to life from a state of absence as opposed to abundance.

The risk of ‘insufficient’ is what drives a lot of us into addictions, compulsive shopping, over-eating, and so on.

By using things like meditation, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness in our everyday lives we will be able to see what our particular modern-day ‘predators’ are.

Paying unique focus to which thoughts, scenarios or ideas prompt our ‘battle or trip’ feedback, or activate the onset of the negative-based thought patterns that replay themselves on loopholes in our mind throughout the day will certainly produce a possibility to go within and re-wire our thought patterns.

So, how to stop negative thoughts?


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Re-Wiring the Brain For Positive Thinking

“Neurons that fire together wire together.” ~ Donald Hebb, neuropsychologist

Every idea, sensation, experience, and physical feeling we experience forms a network of nerve cells in our brain.

The experiences that we repeat frequently will start to cause the ideas as well as feelings that we relate to that certain experience no matter the here-and-now minute.

For instance, we might have woken up practically each day fearing the reality that we have to go in to function that day.

Quickly, the dread of most likely to work begins to make us consider getting off work and all of the things we need to do before we can go home.

This triggers us to feel overwhelmed as well as stressed out. So the first idea about our task causes even more unfavourable ideas, as well as having these very same feelings every day creates a neural network with time.

Left uncontrolled, one tiny unfavourable idea or feeling can set off a limitless cycle of negative thought patterns using loopholes in our minds throughout the day.


What is the best way to stop negative thoughts?

By utilizing mindfulness to truly produce some space between our recognition and the ideas themselves, we can push the ‘pause’ button before the ideas start to take on a life of their very own.

As soon as we have developed some awareness around our idea patterns we have to respond with a vibration that is much greater than the thoughts themselves.

Energetically talking, one of the most effective tools we have to use in action to complain is love as well as gratitude. Both of these feelings are of a greater frequency than fear and fear.

As ridiculous as it might seem, informing each unfavourable idea, ‘thank you,’ as well as ‘I love you,’ as soon as they occur begins to shift us right into a location where each idea has nowhere to fester and need to dissipate.

Nonetheless, we need to know why we are feeling glad and loving in the direction of each thought.

To state these points without the belief that this holds makes this tactic essentially vulnerable.


Imagine Yourself as a Being of Light

By imagining ourselves as a being of light that is here to unconditionally love all emotions, thoughts, behaviours etc. we start to come close to every one of these as an additional part of our inner child that has never been embraced before.

Picture anxiety as a child who was regularly shushed or told to disappear, sadness as a youngster who was never focused on, or rage as a youngster who was informed his opinion was not valid.

The light of our being is the liberator of each emotion by providing it with our caring attention and assistance.

Quickly excruciating emotions are no longer feared but welcomed.

We also start to rewrite our subconscious to search for even more things every day to be happy for.

New semantic networks are created based on favourable feelings and gratitude.

Life after that begins to show back to us our brand-new joy as well as loving disposition and that is how to stop negative thoughts.



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