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Visualization Exercise

Almost every expert and subject discusses the need of visualization and what is the most powerful visualization exercise.

You’ll hear how vital it is, how transformative it is, how athletes and celebrities use it, and the list goes on, but when it comes down to it, there are so many people who struggle to really do it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the law of attraction and manifesting are not one-size-fits-all approaches.

I’m sure some of you watching this video are experiencing similar feelings of frustration.




Visualization Exercise

When you see video after video encouraging you to simply envision, it doesn’t work because everyone visualizes differently, and not everyone can close their eyes and instantly see a picture of exactly what they want to happen.

So, how can you get around this if you don’t visualize in the traditional manner? What should you do if visualizing isn’t working for you?

Well, the trick is to learn how to use your senses, and I’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it so that you may begin using this powerful manifesting tool.


Everything is created twice first in the mind and then in the reality

So let’s get started, but first, let’s take a moment to hit that thumbs up button down below.

There’s a common quote from Robin Sharma if you’re ready for some manifesting outcomes.

That is to say, everything is formed twice: once in the mind and then in the physical world.

This is why it’s so vital to visualize. You can experience whatever you can imagine in your head in your reality.

There are no restrictions, however contrary to popular assumption, you are not limited in how you visualize.

The purpose of visualization is to create an experience in your mind. It does not imply that you must see a specific image.

It doesn’t mean you have to replay a situation in your thoughts all the time and, most importantly, it’s not supposed to be a battle or a chore.

In fact, if you ever find yourself feeling bad, stressed, or desperate when you go to visualize what you want, I strongly advise you to take a step back and take a break until you can approach it with a more relaxed energy, because being in that state of pushing and trying so hard.

Basically begging, pleading, and wishing is actually repelling what you want, because it signals that you don’t have it.

Let me give you an illustration. Consider something you already have; it may be anything.

Would you try to imagine or experience having that thing all the time? No, because that would be strange given that you already have it.

It would feel as if you were wasting your time. I usually argue that you wouldn’t ask for something you already have, so the secret is to convince your mind that you already have it.

This is the aim, and you’ve already accomplished it.


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Subconscious programming

So, what’s the best way to go about doing that?

The human brain is a fascinating subject. I could go on and on about subliminal programming for days and  days,  I created a whole school called abundance academy that teaches you how to educate your subconscious mind to attract abundance on autopilot.

So I won’t go into all the nuances of the subconscious mind right now; just know that your brain contains a plethora of neural connections and intricacies that influence how you see things, and I’ll.

Let me tell you something: everyone relies significantly on certain senses, and it all depends on you as an individual.

Touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing are the five senses through which we perceive the world, and right now I’d want to lead you through an activity that will teach you how to imagine.

That will work for you since it is based on your senses, and you will know exactly what to do after this exercise to imagine what you desire in the future.

So, before we get started, don’t do this if you’re driving or doing anything else that demands your whole concentration.

You may always return to this movie whenever you have a free minute, so get comfortable, and if you’re in a secure location, close your eyes, and allow me to transport you to one of your fondest memories.

To try to relive that moment, look back to one of your happiest memories right now and don’t overthink it.

It simply selects one and recalls this recollection.

  • Do you recall what you were touching, the sensation of your skin against your clothing, or a warm hug?
  • Can you recall what you were eating or drinking and how it tasted?
  • Do you recall the scent of the air, a particular perfume or candle, the ocean, or freshly cut grass?
  • Are you able to recall certain noises or music, or can you hear what was going on?
  • Do you recall the sight of everything around you and can you see it happening?

If so, take note of which of these senses is the strongest for you and how you’re feeling. Is it through taste, smell, touch, hearing, or seeing that you absorb this experience? It may be every one of your senses.




Recalling Memories

It could only be a few, or it could even be just one. Just pay attention to the sensations you’re using while recalling your happiest memories.

You can go back in time by thinking about it and taking a few extra moments.

It’s possible to soak in this wonderful memory simply by noting and sensing it, and then when you’re ready, open your eyes to see which sensations seem to be most stimulated for you.

There is no right or wrong answer because you may have only linked to one or all of them.

It’s how you live your life and it’s completely unique to you.

We all have varied ways of experiencing things, therefore visualizing isn’t restricted to looking at a picture of anything.

What you do to make a unique experience for yourself.

Every day, the average person has about 6,000 thoughts. I’m sure you had multiple thoughts from watching this movie, and when you think about them, how do you think about them?

1- Have you ever paused to consider that?

2- Do you notice any words?

3- Do you have the ability to hear thoughts?

4- Do you have a thought that pops into your head?

5- How do you think about your thoughts now that you know how your brain works?

You may now use tools that genuinely help you.

Check the guide on the right side withmost powerful visualization exercise.


most powerful visualization exercise


The Mind Body

This is a topic that I am quite concerned about since so many people continue to struggle in their manifesting process because they are utilizing strategies that someone advised them to do without considering their mind or how their body operates.

Because of the mind-body link and the method I teach at abundance academy, your approach to manifesting should be based on your learning style and personality traits.

How you’ve developed such a clear grasp of how to visualize simply by observing how your brain functions.

You are the only one who knows which senses you use and how you interpret your thoughts, if that makes sense.

So, the next time you take a moment to envision anything, keep in mind that the purpose of visualization is to simply generate an experience in your mind so that you can experience it in reality and then tap into it in the way it feels.

What feels most real and comfortable to you, depending on your senses and how you think there’s no right or wrong way to do it, and what works best for you?

So what do you consider to be true?

What senses can you employ to generate the sensation of having it, and then let it go once you’ve had it?


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Manifesting Formula

Because manifesting isn’t a chore, you don’t need to cling on and attempt again and again.

It’s not supposed to be difficult. It’s about conjuring up the sensation you want and immersing yourself in it.

To end this post, simplify it for yourself until you see it in your reality.

In this 15-page workbook, I wanted to include a free money mentality workbook.  Get it from the image at the right side.

I reveal my manifesting formula, which includes strong journal prompts, visualization exercises, and more. It’s entirely free, so take a look.

This I think is the most powerful visualization exercise.

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Video: most powerful visualization exercise




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most powerful visualization exercise

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