Opening Your Mind to Abundance

Opening Your Mind to Abundance

Are you blicking abundance with your thoughts?  Do you keep in negative mode?

Let me show you how to start opening your mind to abundance.

You might think it is a very hard task.

You are right.  Opening your mind to abundance can be as hard as you avoid the process and keep a lacking attitude.

That lack or scarcity mindset has been built brick by brick through the years in your mind.

So there is no point in a hurry.  From now on you have to build your abundance mindset by opening your mind to abundance.

Let me try to help you in this extraordinary transformation with some easy steps you can start using right now.



6 Steps for Opening Your Mind to Abundance

These 6 steps for opening your mind to abundance should become a habit for you.

You have to practice on a daily dosis to turn all the blogging ideas in your mind.  Remember, old habits die hard so the sooner you start, the better.


1. Exercise Gratitude

By seeing and appreciating the things we currently have, individuals in our lives that support us, and also the things that are going right, we open ourselves as much and discover a lot more to be happy about.

Practicing gratitude each day is probably one of the most effective things we can do to boost our sensations of abundance.

This can be as basic as beginning the day by writing down three points you are grateful for. You might even want to maintain a gratitude journal where you can track everything.

I maintain a basic journal with an area for writing down the things I’m grateful for every day.

This practice has made a visible distinction in my life.

I’ve found that the sensation of happiness is the fastest way for me to return on the course when I need to.


2. Relax as well as Broaden Your Vision

According to Deepak Chopra, “Development is the great friend of abundance. It brings in the light, opening up brand-new opportunities.

In an unwinded, open state, your recognition sees farther, as well as life isn’t so restricted.”

You can broaden your vision by looking within. Spend a couple of minutes daily in peaceful meditation or simply permit on your own to relax by taking in a cosy bathroom, going for a walk, practising yoga, or getting a massage.

This is one of the most effective devices, but it’s very easy to fail to remember when you’re hectic.

A few of my most innovative concepts entered your mind throughout massage therapy, yoga exercise, or horticulture.

Permitting your mind to kick back and also become clear gives the chance for new ideas ahead.

” Abundance is a procedure of releasing; that which is empty can obtain.” ~ Bryant H. McGill


3. Take Responsibility.

Taking full duty and reaching a state of acceptance for your life, scenarios, sensations, as well as future is extremely encouraging.

If you feel like you aren’t in control of your own life or that you are a sufferer, it’s very difficult to have an abundance mindset.


4. Transform Negativeness Into Favorable Action.

If something in your life isn’t going right or is less than optimal, instead of grumbling concerning it or getting caught up in adverse feelings, locate one favourable action you can take to boost the circumstance.

One tiny step in the ideal instructions can move the momentum.

Favourable activities can include researching possible remedies, speaking to a friend or trusted expert, speaking out, or developing personal limits.


5. Permit Yourself to Feel Extravagant.

In the guide, The Artist’s Way at Work, authors Mark Bryan and Julia Cameron have a short workout where they ask the viewers to list ten things that set you back less than twenty dollars that produce a sensation of luxury.

As an example, they detail getting a brand-new timeless CD, a new coffee mug, a bouquet, and a manicure.

Often allowing yourself to feel lavish can assist you in releasing sensations of deficiency.

Simple yet low-cost high-ends are enjoyable as well as reliable devices in developing an abundance mindset.


6. Usage Essential Oil As a Reminder.

One of my preferred vital oils is called Abundance by Young Living. Just a hint of this incredibly cinnamony oil suffices to advise me of feelings of abundance.

I placed the oil within my budget and have a positive suggestion about abundance whenever I am most likely to pay for something at the shop.

It’s a little expensive, however, I’ve had the same container for several years so it lasts a very long time.

Now you are opening your mind to abundance, we have to maintain that mindset.


Breaking Down the Scarcity Mindset | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson - Opening Your Mind to Abundance


How do you maintain an abundance mindset?

Abundance isn’t about excess.

It’s not about having a method greater than you require. It’s not about stuff. Stuff does not make us satisfied.

Stuff doesn’t meet us or bring us closer to our family members or God.

We can say stuff merely occupies the voids in our hearts and minds and leaves us without room for the important things that genuinely matter.

Abundance is about feeling deep complete satisfaction in our hearts, minds as well and souls.

So just how do we do it?

How do we discover to cultivate a mindset of abundance?

Right here are a few methods that can assist.



10 Tips to maintain an abundance mindset



Among the largest means I keep a mindset of abundance is by remaining arranged.

When my life feels disorderly I don’t appreciate what I have. I end up running out to the shop to acquire something since I can not locate the something I already have.

I feel overwhelmed and also out of sorts.

Much like airlines inform you to place on your oxygen mask before you assist those around you– I have to be organized and on top of my very own household before I can start to help any individual else.

Taking control of your routine as well as your house can aid you in taking control of your life.

It’s simpler to serve and give to others when you’re prepared to do so.

Probably you have refrained from inviting a person into your house because you felt it was unpleasant, or perhaps you felt poor since you didn’t have a fridge freezer meal to share or a present on hand when a special event arose.

Organization is vital to cultivating a sense of peace as well as feeling positive about having a technique for attacking your objectives.

One outstanding negative effect of being arranged? You might discover you have a lot more than you thought you did!

All of a sudden, you discover gift cards you forgot.

You may discover playthings and also games your youngsters did not remember you have. You’ll recall a favourite attire you have not worn in months.

When you organize your house, it can be like revealing a hidden prize.



As I claimed previously, if you can read this write-up, possibilities are you’re better off than much of the world.

We have access to power, water, food, sanctuary, as well as clothes. Often life is challenging, unpleasant, frustrating and hard.

It can be extremely easy to forget that on a fundamental level, our standard demands are normally being satisfied.

Naturally, nobody’s flawlessly favourable at all times! (… the good news is!) It

t’s hard to believe, “Oh, I’m so delighted I have access to all this fresh clean water” as it’s spurting out of a pipe into your basement.

Being positive isn’t easy, however almost like magic, it eases anxiety.

The following time an adverse circumstance comes up, attempt to think of one positive point you’re obtaining from the experience. I

f you get on your means to the ER, think about exactly how blessed we are to have access to clinical support.

Just how lucky are we to have health insurance and also to stay in a nation where emergency feedback is fast and readily available?

Think about just how much even worse the circumstance could be.

A pal of mine was telling me about exactly how her cars and truck wouldn’t begin one winter morning.

She could not get ahold of her hubby, so at some point, she needed to employ to function.

Also, she said, “God should have desired me home for a factor, and that recognizes what I could have faced on the highway.”

It ended up there was a massive accident that morning on her leave.

Often we need to recognize that everything happens for a reason– even irritating as well as troublesome things.

You are opening your mind to abundance.



Every day, think of the things you’re grateful for and take some time to exercise recognition to God and also to those around you.

It’s remarkable just how exercising gratitude can reframe your overview as well as alter your mindset concerning whatever!

When my kids are distressed concerning something or feeling specifically irritable, we often take a couple of moments as well as think about some of the things we are more than happy about and also thankful for.

Recognizing and also “counting your true blessings” can aid you in understanding just how much you have. It likewise goes a long way in cultivating even more kindness.

Consider it: when you do something great for another person, you possibly feel a cosy glow simply from the act … but when the person thanks, you get one more boost.

Not only does it offer you a lift, but opportunities are you’re probably more apt to help them again and again.

Expressing thanks is not only good manners, it also keeps good things flowing your way.

Try to start by listing three things each day you’re grateful for. (Try five if you’re feeling up for the challenge.)

Save your list in a spot you can look at whenever you’re feeling not-so-thankful– it’ll help you get right back on track.



Giving to others doesn’t necessarily mean tangible, big, lavish gifts.

The most meaningful gifts are often homemade or done in kind.

When we give of ourselves and perform acts of kindness and generosity, it resonates deeply with those around us.

If you have abundance, it means you have more than enough to share.

This can be more than enough time, kindness, energy, and positivity (not just traditional gifts). To cultivate your abundance mindset, give, give, give.

Give like you have plenty.

Maybe you can’t write a $100, 000 check to your favorite charity (who could?), but you can volunteer a few hours of your time.

When you see someone in need of a meal, a listening ear or a smile, give it to him or her willingly.

Some of the most meaningful gifts I’ve received have been little things letting me know someone was thinking of me– a phone call out of the blue, a kind note, an extra cup of coffee, or a bouquet from a friend’s garden.

These things brighten our day just as much as a big expensive gift, and in fact, can often be more meaningful.



People who live abundant lives make good use of their time.

They understand time is one of our most precious and limited commodities– and it’s also finite.

Of all the things you can bring into your life (money, friends, stuff), you can’t stretch time.

It is what it is.

Rather than filling your time jar with things that make you “zone out” or don’t matter, instead, try filling it up with the things you find nurturing, fulfilling and beneficial.

If this means you have a TV show you love or you enjoy playing a game as a family, by all means, don’t skip out on it.

But if you find yourself vegging out in front of the television every night in exhausted procrastination mode, maybe it’s time to work on a new hobby.

Use your time to do things that make you happy and enrich you mentally, spiritually or physically.

Take time for yourself to work on your goals, to organize your schedule, and to achieve the things you hope to accomplish.

Do the hard things first and knock them out of the way, then see how many small things you can do.

here is a time to work hard and a time to relax and do enjoyable things.

When you have time to relax, fully engage in the activity.

Turn off your phone, shut down your computer, burn your favourite candle, brew up a cup of tea, and get lost in your favourite book.

Make the most of every minute. That way you´ll be opening your mind to abundance



Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Sometimes when we’re in the midst of goal setting, organizing, achieving and working, we get lost in the hustle.

Constantly bustling around all the time makes it hard to celebrate the victories and see just how far we’ve come and what we’ve received and achieved.

Write down the things you’re grateful for. Write down your goals. Write down the things you want and the criteria you have for “abundance.”

What does your best, most fulfilling life look like to you? Write down your fitness goals.

Write down your financial goals.

If you’re a visual person, you can create a vision board with pictures of what you want or even set up a Pinterest board you can view for inspiration.

Some of us are visual learners, so the act of writing something down or looking at it in a picture can help us solidify it in our minds.

It’s literally “keeping your eye on the prize.”

Putting a visual example and reminder on paper makes things seem more real, closer and clearer.

Not only does writing things down help you achieve your goals, but when you revisit your lists in a few weeks, months or years, you’ll be amazed at all the things you can cross off and celebrate.

It helps you see your progress as you move forward toward living the good life.

Feel how you are opening your mind to abundance.



Okay, full disclosure: this one is hard for me. Sometimes I feel guilty or embarrassed about my success.

I don’t want to talk about it, and I certainly don’t want to be accused of thinking I deserve it.

The truth is that much of my success can be attributed to the help I’ve gotten from others along the way.

For that, I am incredibly grateful. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t also worked hard along the way.

I think as women, we’re often taught not to want big things and that we should simply be happy with the status quo, that we should temper our success and not get too crazy.

But I am here to tell you that it’s okay to dream big.

Dreaming big is the only way that big things will happen for you!



Maybe you don’t have every pair of shoes or every outfit you want.

Maybe you can’t afford a brand-new dining table from Restoration Hardware or the latest cute kitchen accessories from Anthropologie.

Abundance isn’t always about having the MOST and the biggest collection of “stuff.”.

Instead, it’s about having quality items that fulfil your needs and the needs of your household.

It’s about having what you need and opting for the things that last and are worth their price.

Care for the things you have and be grateful for them. Treat them with respect and value.

When you have a coat you love or a dress you feel flatters your figure, you treat it with respect and care.

You also feel fulfilled by the item– more than the other 10 dresses in your closet that aren’t as flattering or fitted.

Try to keep the items that bring you the most joy.

Pare down to the necessities and the best of the best.

It will feel far more abundant to have a few valued items than tons of things you don’t care about.



Do you know what makes us feel scarcity?

Comparing ourselves to those around us.

When we look at a friend’s amazing vacation pictures, beautiful house, or fabulous wardrobe, it’s easy to feel like we’re missing out– like we’re somehow losing.

Like we don’t have as much as everyone else.



It’s hard to do, but taking a step back and letting go of the social media comparison frenzy can work wonders for your mentality.

We all post our best, most flattering, most amazing lives on social media.

No one posts pictures of their messy house, their cat-hair-covered pyjama pants, or their tear-streaked daughter’s face as they’re untangling gum from her ponytail.

Social media isn’t reality, and in fact, it creates a distance between the joyful moments in our lives and our ability to experience them fully.

Not to say it’s terrible to take pictures, so don’t run off and delete your Facebook and Instagram.

It’s just healthy to let go of the comparisons and competition.

If you find you’re constantly checking up on your social media life or you can’t put down your phone, it might be time to take a break.

But if it’s making you sad and upset every time you scroll through your newsfeed, turn it off and walk away.



People who live abundantly extract something from every experience. They learn from every moment.

Learning is part of the journey and part of the reward.

When we look at our kids, we see that their every moment holds wonder and emotion, because every moment is about experiencing something new.

They’re constantly discovering and uncovering new things.

It’s exciting and fun. It’s joyful and interesting. It’s living abundantly.

We must learn to approach life with the same zest and exploration.

Even if things are challenging and painful, we can extract lessons from every single day and apply those experiences later on down the road.

When I first started learning to budget and save money, I did it pretty much out of sheer desperation.

I was stressed out and constantly worried. It was a big trial in my life.

When I look back to that time, though, I do it with a little fondness.

Learning to coupon, create an actual budget, make a rock-bottom price list, and save money?

Well, I have to admit, it was a little bit of fun. Really.

As I was going through each new experience, I was learning. I was learning how to be organized. I was learning how to budget and how to spend money wisely. I was learning how to get things under control.

I shared my learning experiences with my readers and I learned from all of you when you shared your own experiences with me.

In that time of great scarcity in my life, abundance grew because I was learning how to create and grow.

In our everyday lives, there are so many ways to practice growing a spirit of abundance.

Yes, sometimes it can be hard to believe in ourselves and appreciate everything we have, especially when life gets difficult.

Staying positive and trusting in a higher purpose isn’t easy sometimes, but we make a point of expressing gratitude and love every day.

The clouds begin to part and we begin to feel ourselves filling up with a generous spirit and a mindset of abundance.

In each experience, there’s a lesson to extract, so each day we have new opportunities to grow as people and live our lives to the fullest.

So keep opening your mind to abundance.



Video – Opening your mind to abundance




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