Effective Vision Boards For Stamina Runners and Walkers

Vision Boards For Stamina Runners and Walkers

Making use of a vision board is a vital technique for leveraging daily the Law of Attraction for your training for or racing in a marathon, half marathon, or other endurance race.

Visualization is a technique very often used by high performance athletes all around the world as one of the most important tools to get the best results possible.

In all orders of life, setting goals is very important, so here are vision boards for stamina runners and walkers.

It is basically mapping a road, an ideal road to achieve the optimal results in whatever you focus.  It started being popular by the research of some scientitsts of the olympic program.

But let me put it all in context, starting with the basics.



What is a vision board?

A vision board is generally a poster-size board containing pictures as well as words that are representative of what you want manifested in your life.

The Law of Tourist attraction states, “Like attracts like.” And also we attract more of the people, things, and experiences that we frequently see in photos and also words that straight or abstractly represent them.

This is the power behind a vision board.


Why should I utilize a vision board for marathon or strolling?

You need to make use of one as an endurance runner or walker since staring at one prior to taking part in visualization offers you beginning factors for the scenarios that you will visualize for turning on the Law of Tourist attraction for your training or racing goals.


Photo Of Man Running During Daytime


Just how should I develop my vision board?

Dr. Kirk Mahoney  has some great recommendations to create vision boards for stamina runners and walkers.

Acquire a large, foam-backed poster board. You should be able to buy this from a small-business-support store, from an architect-support shop, from an office-supply shop, or from a hobby-supply shop.

Getting a foam-backed board will certainly make certain that your vision board can stand on its own. (Just how is that for a powerful metaphor?!)

As well as getting a big one– say, 20″ x 30″– will guarantee that your vision board will suit numerous pictures and words.

You might prefer white since it will mix much better with your surroundings. You might choose black since it will certainly make your pictures as well as words “pop” off the board.

Or you may favor one more color that “speaks” to you as an endurance jogger or walker– such as the dominant color of the branding related to a certain marathon or half marathon in which you plan to complete.


Acquire a number of photos that motivate you.

You can obtain these photos by getting in “running” or “marathon” or various other significant words into an online search engine for Web-based photos, conserving the electronic photos that you like to your computer system, and printing those electronic photos.

You can get these pictures by acquiring running- or walking-related publications as well as cutting the most inspiring pictures and also graphics from those publications.

Also, you can obtain these images by cutting them from vivid pamphlets for various foot-races.

And you can obtain these pictures by shooting as well as printing your own pictures of running- or walking-related scenes and also things– such as a regional foot-race or your set of shoes.


Acquire a number of words that influence you.

Similar to the pictures that you acquire, you can locate these via Web searches, within publications, and also in foot-race brochures.

As well as you can use your computer and printer to print purposeful words in sizes, typefaces, and message effects (such as bold or highlight) that you locate readable and stimulating.

Draft your vision board. Allot a few hours to set out the photos and words on your poster board, which you must have laid level in an area that will certainly not be interrupted for a few days.

Have fun with various arrangements, as well as depend on your gut reactions about what jobs best for you. Keep in mind: This is your vision, so how your board looks is entirely approximately you.

Wait a few days, then complete your vision board. Return to your vision-board draft a few days later on; replace, eliminate, or reorganize any words or photos that are not quite best; and also glue every little thing to the board.

You may wish to try out different adhesives– possibly on the back of the board with some sample print-outs or cut-outs– to guarantee that every little thing will remain in place.

Depending on the products that you are utilizing, an adhesive stick, a spray adhesive, or typical white glue can function best for you.


Where should I be when I am developing my vision board?

You ought to prepare and later complete your vision board in a location that is personal as well as quiet. A vision board is an extremely individual thing, so the personal privacy will get rid of any type of fret about others judging what you are doing.

A vision board to be most efficient must be extremely motivated, so the seclusion– maybe with motivating music playing delicately behind-the-scenes– is definitely necessary for producing a vision board that speaks to you deeply.

And you need to be able to leave the draft variation existing level in a place that will not be disturbed till you can settle the board.


What are some vision-board picture concepts that could sustain my endurance running or strolling?

  • Running shoes.
  • Hydration belt
  • Cross-training tools
  • Close-up of strong abdomen
  • Joggers or pedestrians in a race
  • Runners or walkers in a training session
  • Finish-line timer with your wanted chip-time
  • Scenes from races for which you have registered
  • Map with celebrities where you plan to race in the coming months or years
  • Mocked-up race-results web page with your preferred position or chip-time


What are some vision-board word concepts that could support my endurance running or walking?

  •  ” You can do it!”
  • ” Stamina”.
  • ” Power”.
  • ” Endurance”.
  • ” Endurance”.
  • ” Rate”.
  • ” Pacing”.
  • ” Hydration”.
  • ” Nutrition”.
  • ” Core Strength”.
  • ” Flexibility”.
  • ” Personal Record”.
  • ” Winner”.
  • ” Finest in Age Group”.


Where should I place my vision board?

You need to place your vision board in whatever personal or semi-private place you intend to make use of for your daily visualizations.


Fit athlete during training on running track


Just how can I make small recreations of my vision board?

It can be important to consider small recreations of your vision board that you have placed in your auto, around your residence, and also in your workplace. However exactly how can you make these easily? Below are two methods:.

Take your board to a shop that offers photocopying and also delivering support for local business or for architectural companies, and have the shop make a number of page-size, laminated, color duplicates.

Take an electronic photo of the board, as well as make numerous color prints of the photo in a size or sizes that make the most sense for where you will certainly place them– such as on your fridge, on the dashboard of your vehicle, as well as on the mirror in your bathroom.

How many various vision boards can I have?

The best method to start with vision boards for endurance running or strolling is to integrate all of the linked photos and also words related to your training and also racing on a single board.

But you can have as several vision boards as you want to support your goals as an endurance jogger or walker.

For instance, you may want one particularly about your running or walking training sessions, another one especially concerning a future race, and also yet another one related to your cross-training activities.

And also do not be stunned, if you uncover that you wish to produce additional vision boards for other areas of your life. They are so effective that you will not wish to limit them to your running or walking goals.


Silhouette of Two Man Running


When should I look at a vision board?

For five minutes daily prior to envisioning: You must stare at your main, poster-size vision board for five minutes each day prior to your envision about your endurance operating or strolling.

This will certainly give your visualizations the beginning factors for all sorts of abundant circumstances that will sustain you as an endurance jogger or walker.

During periods of downtime: You can utilize downtime throughout your day to take a look at the small reproductions of your board that you have placed in calculated areas in your house, car, and office.

These “mini-sessions” will certainly strengthen your day-to-day five-minute initiative.

Constantly but subconsciously: The tiny reproductions in your peripheral vision will certainly stimulate your unconscious mind without your making any conscious, intentional effort to check out them.

What concerning computer-based vision boards?

A computer-based board is one that you create in special software or at an internet site, as well as it can provide you these advantages over a physical board:.

  • Quick accessibility to a vast array of pictures and words.
  • Enhancement by inspiring songs.
  • Stimulating motion.

As well as some computer-based systems allow you develop a screen-saver variation of your board. But a computer-based board can not defeat the portability and valuable physicality of a typical board.

Maybe the most effective method is to make use of both types: Originally produce a physical board, and also eventually create a computer-based board that brings the physical board “to life” on your computer!


Vision Boards for Stamina Runners & Walkers


Vision Boards for Stamina Runners & Walkers: FAQ

Running and walking are fantastic ways to boost your health and well-being. But sometimes, staying motivated can be tough.

That’s where vision boards come in! These powerful collages can serve as a source of inspiration and keep you focused on your fitness goals.

What should I put on my running/walking vision board?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Inspiring Race Images: Include pictures of races you want to participate in, scenic running/walking routes, or marathons you dream of conquering.
  • motivational quotes: Find quotes that resonate with your running/walking journey. Examples include “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” – Jimmy Johnson or “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar.
  • Personal Records: Showcase your past achievements and running milestones to remind yourself of your progress and fuel your drive to reach new heights.
  • Healthy Habits: Incorporate images of nutritious foods, a good night’s sleep, or yoga poses to emphasize the importance of a well-rounded approach to enhancing your stamina.
  • Running Buddies: If you find motivation running with others, include pictures of your running group or workout partners.

How can a vision board help me with running/walking?

Vision boards are powerful visualization tools. By surrounding yourself with images and affirmations that represent your goals, you can:

  • Boost Motivation: Feeling discouraged? A glance at your vision board can reignite your passion and get you back on track.
  • Improve Focus: Your vision board serves as a constant reminder of your goals, keeping you focused on achieving them.
  • Increase Confidence: Seeing your progress visually represented on your board can build confidence and self-belief in your abilities.

Where should I put my vision board?

Place your vision board somewhere you’ll see it daily. This could be your bedroom wall, your workout room, or even the back of your running mirror.


Additional Resources:


Vision Boards



Vision boards are a simple yet powerful tool to personalize your running or walking journey.

By incorporating inspiring visuals and affirmations that resonate deeply with YOU, you can create a source of constant motivation, focus, and forward movement.

Remember, a vision board is a living document.

As you progress on your running/walking adventure, your goals and aspirations may evolve.

Don’t be afraid to revisit your board regularly, update it with new achievements and inspiring visuals, and keep it aligned with your ever-growing fitness dreams.

Unleash your creativity, embrace the process, and let your vision board be your personal cheerleader as you conquer one stride at a time. Happy running (or walking)!




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Vision Boards For Stamina Runners and Walkers

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