Meditation Visualization Method – Matching Our Vibration with Our Desired Reality

Meditation Visualization Method

Do you practice the meditation visualization method?

Meditation is a fantastic visualization method as you are making use of visualization at once so that your mind is clear and also present.

When you practice meditation, you begin to gain access to your inner self more than you most likely ever before have.

As you will be completely present in that minute, you can truly concentrate on yourself and also your goals as well as ambitions.

You can use this moment whilst meditating to visualize your goals, create a favourable area, and also send out favourable energy.

Meditating helps your brain release any type of unfavourable energy.  It also gives your brain the room to go anywhere it wants, which is why this is valuable when imagining.

You should be able to have solid visualizations by practising meditation as you are allowing your brain to do the work for you, whilst letting any kind of negative energy go.

Check out several of our meditation tips to get started on this, as meditation is a wonderful visualization tool that you can make use of daily as soon as you have ironed out a time committed to it.




Meditation Overview

You do not have to meditate to develop the life you desire.

However, for me, the meditation visualization method has changed my view of myself as well as the world in a manner that I don’t think would certainly ever have taken place if I had not started practicing meditation.

As I lay out in my blog post Best Visualization Meditation Techniques, beginning a day-to-day method of meditation showed me exactly how to approve and receive love, reduce, value relatively negative experiences, verify my worthiness, and witness and also comprehend my thoughts in such a way I never had previously.

If you haven’t meditated before, I understand it can seem intimidating in the beginning. It was for me. Simply bear in mind, that the goal of meditation isn’t to clear or subdue your ideas.

All you need to do is rest, observe, and be present. One day at a time.

One minute each time. One breath at once. Nothing extra. Absolutely nothing less.

You don’t have to do or end up being anything when you meditate. You don’t have to try. All you have to do is just be.

With that being said, let’s move deeper into the meditation visualization method.


Meditation Visualization Method


Practicing Meditation Visualization Method

Before you begin practising any meditation visualization method, write a checklist of 5 scenarios that you wish to show up.

It is important to have more than one situation to guarantee that you see the lifestyle in its entirety as well as not simply one scene.

Pick one circumstance to contemplate each time but alternative between meditation sessions.

  • Relax your body in a comfy room where you will certainly not be disrupted.
  • Emphasize your focus on your breathing until you get to a trance-like state.
  • Set the scene by imagining where your manifestation will certainly play out.
  • Imagine your wishes manifesting right into your reality.

The way this scene appears within your mind does not have to be the best yet to match the resonance of what you desire, try to conjure up emotion.

Just how does it feel inside the situation where your needs have already shown up?

Do you feel thrilled?



Take a moment to truly experience how the visualization makes you feel as if it were playing out in your physical life.



Matching Our Vibration with Our Desired Reality

We’ve all had the experience of coincidence, or as it’s more typically known in spirituality and also the law of attraction circles, “synchronicity”.

Possibly we thought about a person and afterwards, we randomly see them someplace.

Or we think of a song and also a minute later it’s coming on the radio.

The deeper we get in touch with our awareness we locate that these synchronicities are not only taking place more frequently but additionally on a bigger range.

Possibly we have desires during the night that come to be shown in our waking fact, or perhaps we start to see much less “lag” time in between things we long to achieve in our imagination as well as the arrival of that exact point in our physical truth.

By this point, a lot of anybody who has any kind of kind of expertise on spirituality, power, and even quantum physics subjects has listened to the expression, “Our ideas produce our reality.”

But is this specifically the way it functions?

If we consider a tune and then 5 minutes later on that song begins on the radio, did we materialize that result to take place by simply thinking of the track?

Or did we with ease recognize that it was currently mandated to come on because we entered vibrational placement with the timeline in which that outcome existed?

When we think about points in this manner we come to the concern of whether our future is uncompromising or whether are we producing our life entirely as we accompany it. Well, in reality, it’s a bit of both.


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Our Choice

Our life comes complete with a minimal quantity of possibilities, and from these possible possibilities or selections, we choose.

When we are young, our decisions are created for us by our caretakers.

However, as we grow older, we start to make our selections ourselves, but on any offered day, there are just certain options that are available for our finding.

For example, in our present truth, we may not have the selection to hop on an aeroplane as well as fly to France, yet we do have the selection to get in our car and also drive somewhere a few hours away for the weekend.

Or we have the selection to stay home as well as do nothing.

Yet each choice we make manifests as a brand-new future that puts us on a different timeline.

So every option we have ever made or ever before will make has become its very own truth, and our awareness stays in all these.

We may have located ourselves questioning how our life would have been various had we made a different choice in our past.

Or possibly we envision ourselves living our dream life and also wonder which selections we could make that would certainly lead us to that preferred reality.

Technically, if we can picture it, it likewise suggests we not only have the power to make that truth become a reality, but that fact currently exists in a different timeline.

All of us have different visions of exactly how we would certainly like our life to be and the reason we are offered certain desires as well as aspirations implies that there is a timeline that exists that currently holds that outcome.

Fairly just, if we are visualizing it, it is already real, it depends on us to think about it.

To begin choosing that are more in alignment with the timeline we want to occupy, we have to concentrate on one thing … our resonance.

The way we feel within is the one real indicator as to what we are attracting to us, or rather, the timeline that we are entering placement with.

For most, this may be hard to do since we have ended up being familiar with just taking note of our physical truth as the indication of what is occurring in our lives.

If we exist in a present moment that we don’t like or feel severely about we start to reverberate in the vibration of “feeling bad” which is of a lower regularity, which makes certain that we will remain on that timeline.

We start making choices that accompany that which keeps us stuck in that timeline.

Nevertheless, if we just stay concentrated on just how we feel on the inside, as well as a lot more particularly start to feel great, glad whatever points appear like outside, we can change timelines in an issue of a 2nd.

The vibration we rest at most typically is what summons the timeline that we will be living in.

As we raise our vibration we can not be stunned when individuals, areas as well as things may start to leave our life because they no longer resonate with our new resonance.

As long as we are feeling good, we can be guaranteed that deep space is taking care of the rest.

To ensure that may suggest that points or individuals we THOUGHT we wanted are no longer abreast with our new self, but we have to rely on that all this is for the very best.

Given that our ego mind is not always the most effective at making decisions or knowing what will certainly be the most effective for us, we need to hand the decision transforming to the Universe.

As well as count on that the results that get on their way to us are not only for the best but might also be much better than anything we could have thought of for ourselves.



Feel Good to Achieve Your Dream

When we think of how our desired life looks contrasted to exactly how our life looks now it can be overwhelming.

Usually when our outer truth looks nothing like the fact we desire to be in, things like insecurity as well as anxiety start.

We believe, “Just how am I most likely to make it happen?

How can I transform the method my life looks currently, into that remarkable incredible desire life in my creativity?”

There is one straightforward response … feel good.

Assume ideas that feel great, compliment your own for every little thing you did right today, do something kind for one more person, and expect that the best is on its method.

The more we reside in a loving frequency, the more our resonance begins rising.

Now, our physical fact has no other selection but to mirror back to us our very own resonance.

We not only start recognizing little “coincidences”, but we likewise locate that as our resonance increases, individuals in our lives end up being much more caring.

Their resonance begins to match our own, and for the ones that subconsciously make the selection to not rise to our vibration, they start to fall out of our lives to just be replaced by individuals who are much more abreast with our brand-new regularity.

We must likewise be patient.

When we understand that the globe we see outside of us currently is just an outcome of previous ideas and also feelings, we can be much less influenced by it.

And even though our current minute is an outcome of past feelings, the method we FEEL in our current moment is what is creating the future.

Select carefully, select carefully.



Video: meditation visualization method




Expand the power of visualization

If you want to boost your results using the power of visualization you can use visualization meditation.

The combination or mix of meditation with the power of visualization is going to make you vibrate at a high frequency making it easier to manifest what you want.

We can assure you the benefits of this practice are enormous.

In only 7 weeks your transformation will be complete.  Check this resource:


Vibrational Meditation


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