Amazing Results Using a Vision Board for Weight Loss

a vision board for weight loss

Vision Board for Weight Loss

A vision board can aid you in clarifying your goals, establishing a strategy to reach your objectives, and afterwards offering you a useful location to sign in with and reconnect with your goals throughout the year.

You individuals, I love vision boards– for these reasons, but also various other ones, too.

First of all–, a vision board can be whatever you desire it to be.

You can read this post with vision board suggestions and inspiration to assist you in getting started if you’re brand-new to vision boarding (you can likewise have a look at my vision boarding publication,

Make Anything Happen when it’s offered this summer– woohoo!). Some individuals like to produce one large, all-encompassing vision board. Others like to simplify into topics they intend to focus on.

I produced this weight reduction vision board design template to assist you (as well as me!) graph out your weight reduction and wellness goals for the year.



Weight Reduction Vision Board Design Template

There are lots of ways to use it. I have included led topics to concentrate on, but you do not need to adhere to these topics in any way.

You can cover the ones you don’t such as and make your own (usage sticker labels or washi tape for this).

You can likewise simply take the layout, or what you such as from this one, and use it to develop your own on another notepad.

This vision board theme is 8.5 ″ by 11 ″– the perfect size to stick in a binder or your planner if it’s big enough. In the past, I’ve maintained a similar vision board in the rear of my planner.

You’ll discover there are some affirmation cards connected to the vision board. I produced these printable weight reduction affirmation cards to choose this vision board (as well as any other vision board template I make).

I’ve filled this in operation with a variety of mixed media– stickers, handwriting, doodles, as well as quote cards.

Your vision board does not need to look at my vision board. It’s flawlessly okay to just write in a couple of words for every area, or make use of sticker labels.

You can even eliminate pictures from magazines (I do this all the time), or use your pictures.

The trick is to not let yourself get hung up on exactly how it looks so much as what it claims … it ought to speak to you, and also be something you can look back on all year.

However, with that claim… you can also utilize this to make temporary goals.

If your long-lasting objective is to shed 50 extra pounds, this may simply represent the initial little leg of your trip.

You can make as many of these as you need to! I make a little vision board every month in my organizer (simply a kid … absolutely nothing tough). I am additionally such as to strategize suggestions and also dreams in my bullet journal.

Also while we’re chatting about weight loss … I intend to share some sources for you. There are a million means to slim down, as I’m sure you understand. I believe that a lot of them will certainly function if you’re consistent.

Yet I have truly fallen in love with the 21-Day Take Care. You can review my experience with the plan right here. This website is full of 21-Day Fix recipes and content to aid you to succeed on the Fix.

I have also obtained a fair bit of Weight Watchers material (this is another program I have actually attempted and also believe in). Start here with my most preferred Weight Watchers message if you’re looking for healthy and balanced dishes.

Join us on Facebook for even more vision board aid, lots (loads, y’all!) of healthy dishes, and cost-free printables.


Vision board for weight loss fast


How to Make a Weight Loss Vision Board That Works

Discover exactly how to make a vision board weight loss that functions and also makes it convenient for your fitness, wellness, and health goals.

Last week, I headed over to my friend’s home to catch up before we begged our preferred yoga exercise course.

I legit prize this regular practice because I always leave the class feeling completed, happy, linked and energized. The workout is simply an added reward.

I get to her residence early so we can chit-conversation about work, people, her charming new Victoria’s Secret yoga exercise trousers & the upcoming semi-annual sale.

Minutes before we had to leave, she hit the restroom as well as I struck the kitchen to refill my canteen.

I saw the cardio course timetable holding on her fridge, bordered by a lot of extremely slim ‘fitspo’ photos.

My energy immediately changed when I saw “DON’T BE A FAT BITCH!!!!” created across the top of the class timetable.

Excuse me? Do not discuss my BFF like that! Yet I get it …

My friend intended to utilize these pictures and also words as inspiration.

What she didn’t recognize was that her ‘vision board’ was making her objective body tougher to obtain.

As someone who made use of it to fight for my wellness, weight, and also confidence.

I can truthfully state, that dieting, as well as workout straight up, draws when:

If you intend to be fit and healthy and also you begin to contrast on your own to some hotty with a body, you can begin to feel poor concerning on your own.

  • ” I’ll never get there”
  • ” Their body is far better than my body”
  • ” My belly will never appear like that”
  • ” I’m not that strong”
  • ” I do not appear like that in yoga exercise pants”
  • ” I can’t do that”
  • ” I’m so fat, ugly, (fill in the blank) _______”


Visualization power of Vision Board for Weight Loss

If you desire your future life to look various after that it is necessary to focus your mind on delighted thoughts that influence you to make healthy choices that will certainly change your objective.

Visualization is among the most powerful exercises you can do to transform your frame of mind, motivation, and body.

A weight-loss vision board is just one of the most important visualization tools there is … only if it’s made use of the right way.

When done right, a weight loss vision board can make it easier to get encouraged to reach your weight loss as well as wellness goals.

That’s precisely what you’ll discover in today’s episode of CCTV.

In it, I share the demotivating blunders to avoid and also the keys to making a weight loss vision board that in fact functions.

After you’re done watching, leave a comment on the blog site to let me understand what things you made use of on your vision board.

If you make a vision board, take a picture, share it on Instagram & tag me (@christina_carlyle or hashtag #ChristinaCarlyle) so we can connect. xo.


Amazing vision board for weight loss


Weight-loss Vision Board

Your creative imagination is your greatest tool for fat burning. Weight loss takes place naturally when you make use of the power of your creative imagination to form your ideas and your body.

What you visualize can be made real. If you can visualize it, you can be it!

To drop weight with the power of your mind, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to appear like.

Take the time to develop a clear picture of what you will appear like at your ideal weight. This weight is what is appropriate for your elevation, structure as well as age, not what culture considers “appropriate.”

Now that you have a picture of yourself at your perfect weight, you will certainly want to explain this new complete information on paper. This is the statement of belief for your brand-new self!

Draw up your physical description as totally and also clearly as you can. Describe exactly how your body looks, its certain components, and also exactly how it feels.

Create this summary entirely in the here and now as if it exists now. If you currently evaluate 150 pounds. and you wish to be 120 lbs., create “I weigh 120 extra pounds.”.

Currently, define your perfect self. This is the vision of you running at the greatest expression of your being.

This is the self that you have constantly yearned to be. See yourself living the life you were born to live!

Explain your brand-new self in as much detail as feasible. Explain your individuality, your talents, and also your skills. Exactly how would you look and act if you fully had your power as well as potential?

Just how would you look and also function as a revealed, powerful being– glowing, confident, bountiful, as well as successful– with a complete, satisfied as well as balanced life?

What kind of tasks would you appreciate? What type of pals would certainly you have? What kind of occupation would certainly you have? What kind of vehicle would certainly you drive? Where would certainly you live?

Picture a life that isn’t hampered by a weight problem, worries, or constraints of any kind of kind. Release as well as dream. This life is only restricted by the power of your imagination.

Allow yourself to soar above your mundane life to welcome a life of limitless possibility. See yourself living this life! Know in your heart that this life is possible for you.

This is your statement of belief. This is the vision for your new life! Read this description daily to imprint this brand-new fact into your subconscious.

After reading your statement of belief, repeat to yourself, “I align myself with the imaginative vibration of the universe to make my vision a fact!”.



Video – Vision Board for Weight Loss



Your Vision Board for Weight Loss

Once you have a very clear vision of yourself at your ideal weight, you will certainly intend to make a vision board of the brand-new self you intend to produce.

This is the moment to allow truly let your imagination go wild. Allow yourself on your own and think up a new self and new life for yourself!

A vision board is a collection as well as a visual manifestation of something you want to manifest in your life. It is a potent reminder that what you can picture, you can be.

It establishes the stage and also your intention to produce a new life for yourself. Bear in mind, that life occurs from the inside out, not vice versa. Make use of the power of your creativity to create the life you truly want.

Remove pictures from publications that show the life you desire on your own. Paste and also glue these images on a large piece of paper or poster board.

Cut out images of clothing, precious jewellery, hairstyles you will put on at your perfect weight, and images of people near your perfect weight, (better yet, include an image of yourself at your optimal weight).

Images of people delighting in the way of living you want for yourself, the activities that you would like to do when you reach your suitable weight, pictures that stand for the work that you would love to do, holidays you’d like to take, and so on.

Do not hold back. Allow on your go for it! Imagine a new life on your own!

Put this vision board somewhere that you can take a look at it daily.

Looking at this each day will certainly imprint your subconscious mind that this is what you wish to develop on your own.

Your subconscious will certainly see this as a command and also will certainly work to bring this vision right into truth. If you can envision it, you can be it!


vision board for weight loss


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a vision board for weight loss

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