Creating Virtual Vision Boards to Reach Your Goals

virtual vision boards

Virtual Vision Boards

One of the best visualization tools you can find is the virtual vision boards.  Why?

I made visualization boards because I was a youngster, it was an enchanting moment where I could fantasize and I should claim that most of them manifested themselves;

For the best performance, I set the vision board as well as intents.

I like to do a couple of rituals to wrap up and also begin the new year.

The fact of performing an end-of-year testimonial allows me to set a brand-new training course for the brand-new year (pro & individual).  For this, I utilize intents and also the visualization board.



Virtual Vision Boards are Powerful

I find this method easy to use and very powerful.

This year, we did a workshop with my clients to make sure that everyone might develop their visualization board and also it was a real satisfaction to accompany them.

My kids liked the idea and they made their flip graphs too. We developed an excellent moment of bonding and a family member’s task.

It provided me with the suggestion to produce a facebook-live on the subject and also develop this post.



My Virtual Life Vision Board

Let me start with a simple question: What is a visualization board?

The vision board is a personal development tool. It uses positive imaginative visualization to appear objectives in different areas of our life.

We can appear, concretize as well as direct our dreams, ideas, and goals with photos. This visualization board is alive as well as can be modified as you go.

A visualization board is a creative collection of psychologically inspiring images, quotes, and words for all the important things you would love to see happen in your life.

This method also enables us to program our subconscious with visualization. Undoubtedly, our mind does not set apart between creativity and also the truth.

If we recognize this, we understand that we can put our unconscious to benefit us in the manifestation of our goals.

” You always need to go for the moon, because even if you fail, you end up in the celebrities” Oscar Wilde

It’s likewise a fantastic means to (re) attach to yourself.


Visualization Board Benefits

In terms of achieving goals, I think there are many benefits to using virtual vision boards or physical ones.

Among the benefits, here are some:

  • Establish as well as to materialize his intentions for a new year, for a project or an individual goal
  • Method favourable visualisation daily
  • Have clarity concerning your goals
  • Keep concentrated
  • Inspire yourself to accomplish your objective
  • Become a maker of one’s fact
  • Offer your own time for yourself
  • Develop appreciation
  • Focus on the favourable to conquer obstacles extra conveniently.


Visualization board & brain

According to research, 90% of the info sent to our brain is aesthetic. Most remarkably, our minds respond to aesthetic details 60,000 times faster than to messages.

This has been thoroughly examined by data.

The mind can make connections and also respond to visuals if there is an emotion affixed to them. To comprehend this, visual material is encoded in the mind’s medial temporal wattle.

This area coincides with the handling of feelings.

Subsequently, a picture connected to emotion will certainly have more impact on the level of our unconscious or quite just of our learning or the retention of details.

Given that the mind is an excellent ally in achieving our objectives, we might as well get going with the visualization board.


virtual vision boards creation


Exactly how to develop a visualization board?

The visualization board can be online or real, it is up to you.

Directly, I choose to create it with my very own hands. I feel like my intent as well as the energy I am communicating is also stronger.

  • One A3 cardboard sheet
  • Pictures are taken in magazines,
  • Visuals or personal pictures,
  • Graphic images tackled the web,
  • Text from a book, numbers,
  • Quotes, affirmations, keywords
  • Photos of individuals that inspire you


Just how to do it?

To achieve it, it’s truly very easy.

1- Define your goal or vision for the year

2- Search for pictures, words, and prices quote that inspire you and that are related to your goal.

For instance in my table this year, I chose 3 fields; me, my family members/ pair and also my task.

3- Put a wonderful atmosphere, songs, and vital oils as well as allow your heart to guide you to establish your visualization board

We can fine-tune it as we go, it is very vital to place it in a visible area.

Learn how to create vision boards online for free.


Just how to practice?

Every day, in the morning and also in the evening before going to sleep, I invite you to consider this table to relive these emotions for 3-5 minutes.

The visualization board is an excellent device to provide yourself time and reconnect on your own.

If you want to go also better, I welcome you to watch the video clip.


virtual vision boards


Virtual Vision Boards: Your Guide to Digital Dreamscapes!

Dreaming big and achieving your goals doesn’t require a physical space anymore. Virtual vision boards are here to take your aspirations online, offering a flexible and modern approach to manifesting your desires.

Can a vision board be virtual?

Absolutely! Virtual vision boards are not only possible, but they’re also a fantastic option for those who prefer a tech-savvy approach. Digital platforms offer a clutter-free way to create and organize your vision, allowing you to easily update and access it from anywhere.

Is there an app to create a vision board?

There sure is! Several apps are specifically designed for creating vision boards on your phone or tablet. These apps offer a user-friendly interface with features like image uploading, text editing, and layout manipulation. Popular options include Vision Board by iHandy Apps, Simply.Me, and Dream It.

How do you make a good digital vision board?

While the beauty of virtual vision boards lies in their flexibility, here are some tips to create a powerful and inspiring one:

  • Choose your platform: Select a platform that suits your needs. Popular options include Pinterest, Canva, Milanote, or dedicated vision board apps.
  • Gather inspiration: Browse online for images, quotes, and other visuals that resonate with your goals.
  • Organize your board: Categorize your visuals based on themes like career, travel, relationships, or personal growth.
  • Keep it high-quality: Use clear and vibrant visuals that evoke positive emotions and inspire you.
  • Add affirmations: Write down positive affirmations related to your goals to reinforce your beliefs and intentions.

How to make a smart vision board (digital or physical)?

Remember, smart vision boards are about clear focus and intention. Here are some universal tips to keep in mind:

  • Be specific: Vague desires lack direction. Instead, focus on concrete goals like “learn a new language” or “own a home with a backyard.”
  • Break down big goals: Divide major life goals into smaller, more achievable milestones for a clearer roadmap.
  • Update regularly: As your goals evolve, so should your vision board! Revisit and adapt it to reflect your current aspirations.


Additional Resources:



Video – Virtual Vision Boards




Virtual vision boards offer a powerful and convenient way to visualize your dreams and fuel your motivation.

So, ditch the limitations of physical space and embrace the endless possibilities of the digital world.

With a little creativity and these helpful tips, you can craft a virtual vision board that will keep you focused, inspired, and well on your way to achieving your goals!




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