Using Powerful Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

You can use visualization to achieve your goals as soon as now!

Mental visualization is based on the power of your brain to ignore the difference between what is imaginary (your dreams) and what is real.

Visualization activates the powerful powers of your brain and puts them to work for a specific purpose.

Visualization is a technique aimed at implementing the imagination of resources to improve its performance.

This technique is particularly effective for projecting yourself into a new personal or professional life project.

Indeed, when your brain visualizes a project or an action it activates the same neural circuits as when it really performs this action.

This technique is often used by high-level athletes to prepare for competitions.

So when you perform a task that you have visualized before your brain handles the action as if it had already handled it.

Remember: “For your brain, a visualized action corresponds to an action already performed”

You can use mental visualization interchangeably for personal or professional projects, as long as you have a very specific goal.

But let me start with the basics of the topic.



What is Visualization?

In my experience, visualization is imagining a situation, place, project, or something that will be important to you.

By visualizing this thing as an ultimate goal, you will be able to visualize the way to get there and feel all the sensations associated with it.

Through this method, you are better prepared to achieve it. For example, if it concerns physical activity, you will be better prepared and more efficient.

Visualization imposes specific images on your mind like specific situations, behaviours, emotions or feelings that you want to achieve in your life.

These images will be specific to your desires and can relate to your professional life or your private life.

The goal is to have a goal that you want to achieve and to visualize daily the steps necessary for its accomplishment in order to prepare you as a high-level athlete.

Moreover, this method is often used by athletes to prepare them before a competition or to improve their performance.

This approach is often used with other complementary practices such as meditation, relaxation …


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A positive way of thinking

In my opinion, visualization is an important action in everyday life because it allows us to condition our brain through the visualization of positive thoughts and actions.

Indeed, your brain sometimes has a hard time making a clear and precise difference between something imaginary and something real. So it’s a great workout for him

See things as you would like to see them, not as they are. Robert COLLIER

Visualization is a technique that aims to harness the resources of the mind, imagination and intuition to improve performance and well-being

In addition, it is creative visualization, it will allow you to visualize things from the future that are pleasing to you, not events from the past that keep you from moving forward.

Personally, I created a visualization board because I need visual images for better understanding. It’s really unique to everyone.

This is why it is quite possible to visualize only by thought and not via a table.

So start using powerful visualization to achieve your goals.


Daily practice

In the case of visualization only by thought, I advise you to settle in a quiet place and to sit down.

Close your eyes and breathe calmly. You can begin to imagine something pleasant and feel the sensations associated with it.

The brain will assimilate this as a present moment and as something real.

You can also quite simply, every morning visualize your day. For 5 minutes, live in your imagination, your ideal day. Imagine doing all the things you need to do and feeling great.

It conditions your brain to think positive thoughts from the start of the day.  This is the first visualization to achieve your goals step.

Creative visualization is through your imagination, exploring your dreams, plans, and goals. 

This allows you to remove any blockages or concerns while getting you closer to your dream life, your goals and your projects.

Just doing this activity every day for 5-10 minutes will help speed up your dreams.

Visualization is also linked to the Law of Attraction. Indeed, by dint of regularly imagining positive things, your vision and your thoughts will follow the same path.


Visualization to Achieve Your Goals


Create your visualization board

A visualization board allows you to portray those thoughts you have in mind.

You can consult it as soon as you need it, at least once a day. It is an interesting tool for people, who like me need more “visual” or “concrete” images to really visualize their projects.

You can put ANYTHING YOU WANT in it !! Absolutely everything!

This is really the purpose of this table. Put in pictures or writing, everything you want to see happen in your life.

Although personal, I present mine here. For those who have never done it before, this may give you an example. Although all the paintings are different, it’s up to you to let your imagination run wild.

You can hang pictures, quotes, goals … Anything you want to have, become or do:

  • Run a marathon,
  • Take a trip to a specific destination,
  • Perform a specific yoga position,
  • Increase your number of customers,
  • Buy a house by the sea,
  • Etc.

This table will allow you to clearly see your goals and desires. 

Personally, I prefer to put short-term goals in it. For example, things that I want to achieve or achieve by the end of the year at most.

Moreover, it is better to add things that can be done quickly and easily so as not to feel discouraged.

Indeed, the longer your goals stay on this board, the more discouraged you will feel. They will all have a different completion time, some longer than others.

The idea is to have “palliated” objectives for example. And then, being able to remove images and add new ones is also motivating.

You will be able to see where your projects are, do everything to achieve them and accept your success!

I advise you to look at this table every day for a few minutes. As said before, imagine yourself going through these moments and feeling the associated emotions.

Plus, on days when your morale will be lower, seeing your plans visually will help keep you going!

And to keep moving towards your dreams.

Of course, a vision board is a tool to maintain and increase your motivation. To achieve your goals, taking action is the only way to achieve them.


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Goal Visualization Frequently Asked Questions

How to use visualization to achieve your goals?

Imagine being inside of yourself, watching out with your eyes at the perfect outcome.

  • Picture with the ‘Psychological Rehearsal’ Technique. …
  • Create Objective Pictures. …
  • Create a Visual Image as well as an Affirmation for Each Goal. …
  • Index Cards. …
  • Usage Affirmations to Support Your Visualization. …
  • Expect Results.

Does visualization actually function?

According to a study utilizing brain images, visualization works due to the fact that neurons in our minds, those electrically quick-tempered cells that transmit details, translate images as compared to a real-life activity.

When we imagine an act, the mind creates an impulse that informs our nerve cells to “perform” the motion.

What is creative visualization techniques?

Imaginative visualization is a technique utilizing your imagination to develop as well as envision circumstances psychological’s eye.

By utilizing visualization techniques, you develop a mental picture of something and after that concentrate on this image or circumstance for periods.

Can visualization make things happen?

Visualization is a common-sense success approach that can keep you encouraged as well as focused to accomplish your objectives throughout the day.

As I’ve usually said, “Envision as well as it will certainly appear.”


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