How to Do Visualization To Achieve Your Goals Faster

How to Do Visualization the Right Way

Visualization, also referred to as mental imagery or mental rehearsal, is a powerful practice that allows you to create a clear mental picture of your desired outcome, utilizing the power of your subconscious mind.

By incorporating visualization techniques into your routine, you can enhance performance and achieve your goals with greater ease.

When engaging in visualization, you vividly imagine the desired outcome in visual form, allowing yourself to fully experience the emotions and sensations associated with success.

By visualizing the desired outcome during and after a project, assignment, or performance, you can immerse yourself in a positive mindset, effectively silencing the inner critic and keeping your thoughts focused on the bright side.

Professional athletes have long embraced visualization as a strategy to elevate their game performance.

They harness the power of visualization to mentally rehearse winning scenarios, picturing themselves skillfully receiving the ball, moving with agility, scoring touchdowns, and ultimately emerging victorious.

Incorporating visualization into your own routine can have transformative effects.

Remember, visualization is not a substitute for action, but rather a catalyst for it. It is essential to combine the power of visualization with focused effort and determination.




A famous Visualization Study

Do you recall the renowned basketball study?

Dr. Blaslotto divided participants into three groups and examined each group’s ability to make free throws in a study he carried out at the University of Chicago.

He then had the first group practice free throws for an hour every day after that.

The second group concentrated only on making imaginary free throws.

A third group remained inactive. He retested them after 30 days.

The first group saw a 24% improvement. Without using a basketball, the second group improved by 23%.

As anticipated, the third group did not improve.

You can see visualization has been taken seriously by scientists and researchers.

Let´s dive deep into how to do visualization the right way.


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What is Visualization?

Before delving into how to do visualization, let’s clarify what it actually entails.

Visualization involves the act of imagining yourself in specific circumstances, with the strong belief that the desired outcome will manifest.

When practicing visualization, you consciously focus on what you want to achieve and vividly picture yourself succeeding.

Many proponents of visualization claim that this process heightens your awareness of the elements in your environment that are relevant to and align with your visions.

By regularly visualizing your goals, you become more attuned to opportunities that can potentially lead to their realization.

According to various sources, the human brain is wired in such a way that what you focus on becomes your reality.

This partially explains why individuals often find themselves fixated on the things they don’t want to experience, yet still end up attracting them.

Whether positive or negative, your predominant thoughts tend to shape your experiences.

However, students of visualization resist the negative connotations of this mental process and strive to transform it into a more optimistic outlook on life.


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How Is Visualization Used?

You can utilize visualization to accomplish anything you want. It is typically used, nonetheless, to achieve a goal for unique events and scenarios.



Visualization is said to be beneficial for relationships.

Maybe you might picture yourself with your ideal soul partner, married, and starting a family.

Perhaps you can picture repairing a strained connection that already exists.

You might have ideas of your ideal house and can picture yourself and your family coexisting peacefully there only by knowing what your sharp vision depicts.



Many successful businesspeople credit visualization for their success because it allows them to clearly define their goal and know the outcome long before they actually realize it.

Increased revenue, an increase in clientele, and a strong sense of self-belief and confidence have all been linked to visualizing company success.

The latter is crucial for understanding your own destiny.



You can employ visualization to boost your self-esteem.

By visualizing yourself as a self-assured, competent, and endearing person who people like, you may envision what you will become and how you will attain it.

Ideally, these dreams will then start to come true, beginning a cycle of self-confidence growth and self-esteem acceleration.


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How to Do Visualization

There is much more to visualization training than simply daydreaming.

When you wholeheartedly engage in the practice of envisioning a transformative life, it is crucial to have clear objectives and a defined path to achievement.

Directing your visualizations towards these specific goals is paramount.

To enhance emphasis and clarity, consider writing them down or creating visual representations.

This process adds vitality and vividness to your visions, making them more potent.

When you visualize achieving your goals, go beyond the visual aspect and incorporate the sensory details associated with them.

Imagine the tastes, sounds, and sensations that would surround the realization of your objectives and dreams.

As you commit to taking action based on your visual scenarios, the likelihood of their manifestation increases.

The brain, per reports, fails to distinguish between imagination and reality, believing the imagined event to be genuine.

In essence, this is the foundation of how to do visualization.

However, I would like to share with you my three-step formula for achieving your goals.

Now, let’s explore my three-step formula:

  1. Clarity: Gain absolute clarity on your goals, ensuring they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This clarity becomes the guiding light for your visualization practice.
  2. Consistent Practice: Dedicate regular time and effort to engage in visualization exercises. Make it a daily habit to immerse yourself in vivid mental images of your desired outcomes, leveraging all your senses.
  3. Aligned Action: While visualization is powerful, it must be coupled with action. Take consistent steps towards your goals, guided by the insights and motivation derived from your visualization practice. By aligning your actions with your visualized success, you amplify your progress and increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

By following this three-step formula, you will be able to harness the true potential of visualization and set yourself on a path to success.


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3-Step Formula on How to Do Visualization

I was fortunate enough to receive this three-step formula on how to do visualization a while back, and I have experienced tremendous results by implementing it.

As is often the case with achieving goals, consistency and perseverance are key.

However, the process of creating mental images of our desired outcomes is always enjoyable.

Let’s dive into the three steps of this effective formula:


1. Be aware of your goals.

Select a specific objective that you can envision yourself successfully accomplishing.

It could be a fulfilling relationship, a new job or business venture, improved health, financial abundance, or anything else that resonates with your heart’s desires.

Clarity is crucial in this process to avoid mixed signals and ensure that your goals are precisely communicated.

Take the time to make your goals crystal clear.


2. Draw a precise picture.

Now that you have a clear awareness of your goals, it’s time to start visualizing them.

Create vivid mental images of yourself experiencing the desired outcomes.

Envision being in a loving relationship with your ideal partner, imagine yourself as the owner of a thriving company, or picture yourself enjoying the financial abundance you desire.

To avoid confusing your subconscious mind, make sure your mental images are crystal clear.


3. Concentrate on your goal frequently

It is essential to regularly focus on your vision.

Set aside dedicated time throughout the day to concentrate on your goals.

By repetitively concentrating on your goals and consistently imagining them, you program your subconscious mind to accept and align with them more rapidly.

Embrace the practice of frequent concentration on your goals to accelerate their manifestation.

Follow these three steps, so you can effectively harness the power of visualization and propel yourself towards the realization of your aspirations.



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