Assisted Visualization & Subconscious Mind Power

Assisted Visualization

With the help of assisted visualization and subconscious mind power, you can materialize miracles in your life.

Don´t believe me?  Read this article and discover the truth.




Assisted Visualization & Subconscious Mind Power

Have you ever before asked yourself if something really took place or if you just fantasized it occurred?

If there’s one wonderful thing you need to learn about the power of your subconscious mind it is this: it can not tell the difference between an experience and one that is imagined.

This is the principle behind what makes assisted visualization such an exceptionally powerful tool in your process of changing your right into your excellent self-image.

When your subconscious approves of the new beliefs and attitudes, it then deals with carrying out these adjustments in your life. These principles are used in the majority of the thousands of audio programs I have created.

The power of visualization was explained in a now famous research study performed at the University of Chicago several years earlier. A team of trainees, all with regarding the very same ability in basketball, were divided right into 3 teams and asked to shoot nasty shorts.

The per cent of baskets each group made was videotaped.

After that, the students were provided with some uncommon guidelines: The very first group was informed not to exercise or play basketball for 1 month.

The second group was told to practice shooting foul shots each day for one hr for 1 month.

And also the third team was told not to go on a basketball court in all for thirty days – however to practice shooting foul shots mentally for regarding an hour each day.

At the end of the 1 month, the pupils’ skills were examined.

Not surprisingly, team one, the group that hadn’t practised at all, did not improve their original rating. Group 2, the group that had diligently practised, improved their efficiencies by 24 per cent.

Yet the most remarkable outcomes were located in group three.

This group, who hadn’t set foot on a basketball court, who had just visualized capturing baskets, had enhanced their performance by a remarkable 23 per cent – virtually the same enhancement as the group who had exercised daily.


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The Power of Visualization

Professional athletes were amongst the very first to recognize that assisted visualization could improve performance. A former first-rate weight lifter had not been educated seriously in over 8 years.

When he was at his top, he might bench press 365 extra pounds.

Over the last few years, nonetheless, doing just casual workouts, he could barely lift over 280 pounds.

He estimated that to return to the degree he once achieved as well as to be able to raise 365 pounds once again, it would certainly take 9 to twelve months of major training.

One night this American professional athlete dealt with Soviet trainers that educated him just how to utilize psychological imaging methods, which entailed thorough as well as certain visualizations.

After the mental training, the athlete was amazed to locate that he can successfully live a quantity of weight that ought to have been impossible – 365 extra pounds – a weight he couldn’t lift in over eight years.

An hour of psychological training allows him to do what would certainly have or else taken him a minimum of 9 months of extreme physical training!


Visualization for Olympic Athletes

Recently using visualization among professional and also Olympic professional athletes has become popular.

Studies have shown that assisted visualization can cause real physical changes in the nerves as well as muscles.

By incorporating mental training with real physical training, these elite professional athletes are finding the side they have always looked for.

Mental changes impact not just physical adjustments, yet likewise one of the most deeply deep-rooted habits and also beliefs. By envisioning the accomplishments you intend to make, you are influencing your suggestions and also ideas concerning your self-image and your life.

By broadening your photos of what is possible, what when seemed difficult is overcome.

The elite professional athlete’s edge is likewise your via the power of visualization.


How it Works

Visualizations are mental images, sensations, and thoughts worrying about a particular occasion. It’s a various process from just “seeing” something. Seeing is a physical procedure, directly linked to your conscious, real world.

Visualization or mental imagery, on the other hand, resembles creativity.

Your deep-rooted ideas regarding yourself have created your image of yourself.

Currently, as you are directed via your relaxation/visualization sessions, you’re using your natural imagination in an aware means, to create what you desire, beginning with your self-image.

Albert Einstein as soon as mentioned, “Creativity is higher than understanding.” Every accomplishment, every work of art, and every beneficial development begins as a picture in a person’s mind.


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Visualization: Your Mental Blueprint for Success

To produce a building an engineer needs to start with visualize the kind of structure desired. That mental imagery is after that predicted onto a piece of paper: a plan.

The builders execute whatever ideas have been inscribed on the plan. Visualization functions the same way.

The mental picture you hold of yourself in your subconscious mind comes true in your life.


How to boost Visualization Effectiveness

Making use of visualization can be efficient at any time; also as you deal with your day-to-day regimen, yet it is most powerful when performed in an unwinded state.

This is because relaxation enables your mental images to reach your subconscious mind.

Here is where assisted visualization helps a lot.

First, you come to be comfy with your eyes closed and after that let go of any kind of negative ideas or sensations concerning your topic.

After that, you adhere to that with favourable imagery and affirmations to reprogram your mind with positive constructive ideas and photos of success.


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Everyone Envisions Differently

Different people’s minds function differently, so do not fret if you do not actually “see” a mental picture or image.

Occasionally visualizations are very subtle.

If you are a theoretical thinker you might not see it in graphic detail. Rather, you may obtain impacts, concepts, sensations or inner knowing, or you might view details, hearing with your “internal” ear.

If you are an aesthetic thinker, you might close your eyes and create brilliant psychological “flicks” – detailed photos, shades and also pictures.

Or you may obtain a mix of the two – both photos as well as impressions.

It is best to avoid assumptions regarding just how your visualizations will show up.

Fixed expectations or worries about whether you’re “doing it ideal” tend to obstruct impressions. Unwind. Be completely open and also responsive to whatever comes to your internal mind.

Your very own experiences will certainly be distinctively wonderful.

Throughout your visualization sessions, you could experience several ideas as well as photos that seemingly have nothing to do with your brand-new self-image.

Nevertheless, these thoughts and also pictures might be gotten in touch with various other locations of your life that belong to your self-image somehow.

As they surface, they may raise certain feelings, and you may desire to tape-record such pictures in your journey to express the feelings.

When you initially start picturing new actions or qualities you might find yourself suggesting with a few favourable photos – an example, “I could never be that confident,” or “Forget it; it’s simply not me.”

If this happens, it is just your mind reacting to old subconscious “shows” it has been betting for a lot of years.

As you continue with a visualization technique this pattern will lessen and also be changed with the favourable suggestions you are now putting into your mind.

As you repeat your sessions every day, the positive changes in your life will certainly grow greater as well as higher.



It is the rep that excites the subconscious mind.

The continuous flooding of your subconscious with positive ideas will ultimately create any kind of unfavourable ideas to lose power and liquify.

Preferably, do a minimum of one visualization daily.

With faithful use of this practice, you will be amazed at exactly how your ability to visualize in your special method will improve. I have created hundreds of tape-recorded guided visualizations and also reflections.

So you can get great benefits from assisted visualization.



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In conclusion, assisted visualization stands as a powerful and transformative technique that opens the door to a realm of personal growth and achievement.

By combining the potency of mental imagery with external aids or guidance, individuals can enhance their focus, clarify goals, and cultivate a mindset geared towards success.

Whether utilized in sports, personal development, or therapeutic settings, the practice of assisted visualization harnesses the mind’s incredible capacity to influence our reality.

As we delve into the rich tapestry of our imagination, guided by expert techniques or supportive tools, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The effectiveness of assisted visualization lies not only in its ability to shape our perceptions but also in its potential to propel us towards the realization of our aspirations.




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