Images for Vision Board to Get Inspired

images for vision board

Images for Vision Board

Because we want a vision board that really help us to reach our goals, we need to put inspiring images for vision board.

Vision boards should keep us motivated and focused on the things we want into our lives, so the kind of images we put in them shall make us feel good, motivated and in the emood.

So it is not embeding photos without a meaning.

Every picture tells a story it´s said, so each and every image on your vision board has to mean something important to you.

Must represent a real intention for you to make it real.



The Vision  Board: Visual Positive Affirmation

A vision board is a collage of images, photos, statements that illustrate a person’s dreams, desires and goals.

Its purpose is to serve as an inspiration to the person who designed it and, most importantly, a motivation in using the law of attraction to achieve goals.

Many are skeptical, or not very sensitive, to this type of “method”. I actually did a little survey on my Instagram account and 35% of people had no idea what a vision board was .

After explaining the concept, I asked if they believed in it or not.  And 26% said they didn’t believe it.

Well, let’s be realistic, the people who follow me are not at all a representative sample of the population (they are mainly women between 20 and 30 years old, interested in lifestyle ).

Anyway, it allowed me to verify two things that I was already thinking: it is not known to everyone and a number of people don’t really believe it.

HOWEVER, there is a scientific explanation that proves the effectiveness of the visions board .

Indeed, this one, displayed in a place where we observe it regularly, allows us to perform short visualization exercises, daily.

And, many studies prove it (it is explained in this article for example), visualization actually works. This is called the law of attraction. (Basically haha)


images for vision board


What to Put in Your Vision Board?

When creating your board, you have to focus on what you want to achieve / have in your life but also on what you want to FEEL.

Of course you have the right to include material (you have the right to put the car or the house of your dreams, yes yes), but the feelings are important too (happiness, abundance, self-confidence, well-being, …).

It is the combination of the two that will make your creation all the more “alive”.

You can represent your “feelings” by words or sentences but not only .

Let’s say your morning coffee makes you happy, it’s a moment that you take to yourself on your patio and that allows you to plan your day and motivate you.

You can then put the image of a cup of coffee to remind you of those moments of happiness and motivation (it also works with a glass of wine haha!).

In all cases, you want to include elements that you want to reach, to see happen, which inspire you and which make you feel positive emotions. It’s something very personal.

To help you here is a (non-exhaustive) list of things you might want to include in your own vision board :

  • Photos of people who inspire you
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Positive affirmations
  • Your objectives (in numbers, photos, text, etc.)
  • Your dreams
  • Memories or things that you want to persist / come back: family time for example. Be careful not to orient your painting towards the past, it should not be regret. A vision board must absolutely be positive and oriented towards the future.

You can also think in area, by area of ​​your life: relationships (friendship, love, family), personal goals, career, health, physical fitness, spirituality, growth, travel, finances, …

It is normal that certain areas are more represented than others. We must not try to produce a calculated equilibrium, let things be as they come.

Of course, you will also find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.

Any idea is probably good, as long as it is positive and motivates you!


success images for vision board


A vision Board for an Specific Objective

Until now, I was mainly talking about making a general picture. This is the most common.

However, you can also consider a vision board for a certain area of ​​your life or a certain goal. It’s up to you to do as you see fit.

You can decide to make a table that focuses only on your career and that you will place in your office.

I, for example, are gradually making a vision board for my wedding which will take place in a year.

At what frequency?

You might be wondering how often to make a painting like this. Again, there isn’t really a rule, it’s how you feel, you will know it.

It could be every year, every quarter, every month, every new moon, or even every week. It doesn’t have to be particularly regular either.

Personally I do it when I feel it, when I feel the need or the want. When you have achieved some of your goals (or not) and want to set new ones.



Realize Your Vision Board in Practice

Free up several hours in your schedule to take this moment for YOU. Launch a playlist that you like, light candles … Put yourself in a bubble, in a relaxing atmosphere.

In terms of design you can space the elements or make them overlap, like a jumble, it’s as you prefer, as it speaks to you the most.

You will need :

  • Paper and a printer to print the images / photos / texts you want
  • A board / panel of the size of your choice (cork, cardboard, with a plexiglass, etc.)
  • Sticky paper / glue / push pins
  • Scissors
  • The tape decorative possibly
  • … whatever you want, in fact


A phone (computer) and an editing app. Indeed, you can also make your vision board in digital format and put it as a wallpaper, for example. Again, it’s as you feel it.

Other ideas: you can also do it on the first pages of your notebook, if you use one every day, or your diary.

Just remember to place your vision board where your eyes are often. The goal is to watch it regularly, even daily. Like positive affirmations that we repeat every morning.

You can also move it from time to time, if you find that you end up not paying attention to it in a certain place.

So, are you ready to unleash your creativity and activate the law of attraction?


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images for vision board

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