Vision Board Categories – Setting our Goals with Clearence

Vision Board Categories for Better Visualization

Why is it important to set vision board categories?  Do not miss this.

Close your eyes and also think of a desire you have– a goal you wish to make become a reality.

You’re probably seeing various pictures ahead of you, visualizing the feelings you may have as you accomplish this dream as well as the things it would certainly indicate to you.

What you are seeing in your mind is basically a representation of a vision board and you can, as well as you should, transform the pictures and also ideas you simply saw in your head right into reality.

Not just by attaining the goals, yet additionally by developing a graph of the purposes you want to achieve.

It is recommended to create vision boards by categories not mixing different interest in one of them.  Your mind is not going to get the vision well defined.

Lets define this categories as life goal categories.



12 Life Goal Categories

Goals assist us to see a bigger image, to accomplish or keep balance, to be focused, or to be happier or even more successful.

We hear and check out goals regularly, however exactly how commonly are we instructed to develop our visions as well as objectives in a way that attains balance in EVERY location of our lives, not just a pick couple of?

I have spent a big mass of my time the last couple of months learning, training, questioning, and looking within myself to make certain that I am doing what I want with my life and also heading in an instructions I am truly happy with in each area of my life.

I believe this is mostly due to my pregnancy- a true incubation duration.

However as the child prepares to arise, originalities, tasks, as well as objectives are emerging as well.

I stumbled upon the objectives techniques instructed by Jon Butcher. Jon’s firm Valuable Minutes has done $10 billion over the last 30 years with it’s best year at $600 million.

He made use of to have this big notebook with 12 groups in it. Within each category, he had photos, pictures, concepts, etc. as his individual vision board.

His strategy was so powerful for himself, that he launched a task called Lifebook that enables everyone to establish our very own life vision through these very same 12 categories.

This is a really effective technique because it assists us produce a vision while in equilibrium in each vital locations of our lives.

Let’s quickly check out these 12 categories in which to draw up our life objectives as well as a couple of triggers to assist obtain your brain juices streaming and aid you determine or envision the equilibrium you want to accomplish.


vision board categories


The 12 Vision Board Categories

Following the order of this article, you can stablish in 12 the vision board categories.

This way, goals are defined by groups and the visualization exercise becomes more congruent for our senses.

Mixing emotional goals with financial goals and relationship goals are going to decrease the effectiveness of your vision board and cause meaningless connections in your subconscious.

For your vision creation I set the categories with quentions that I think are fundamental for your purpouses.

Let’s look at the 12 vision board categories:


Vision Board Categories – 1. Fitness

  • What do you intend to consider? Just how do you intend to feel?
  • When do you intend to complete your first marathon?

Vision Board Categories – 2. Pundit life

  • What or how many publications would you such as to read this year?
  • What seminars would certainly you like to go to?
  • What abilities would you such as to achieve?
  • What courses would certainly you such as to take?

Vision Board Categories – 3. Emotional life

  • Where would you like your energy as well as joy levels to be?
  • Exactly how would you such as to feel throughout your day (including the afternoon time when a great deal of us normally feel a “depression”)?

Vision Board Categories – 4. Character

  • What do you wish to stand for?
  • What values do you want have?
  • What level of stability would you such as to run at?

Vision Board Categories – 5. Spiritual life-

  • What individual spiritual practices would certainly you like to preserve or start?
  • How typically do you intend to hope or practice meditation?
  • Exactly how frequently do you wish to see church, a meeting, a solution, etc.?

Vision Board Categories – 6. Love partnerships

  • That do you wish to be with?
  • What type of partner do you intend to be?
  • What sort of life do you wish to live with your companion?
  • Where do you want to trip?
  • Where do you want to live?

Vision Board Categories – 7. Parenting vision

  • Exactly how do you intend to parent your kids?
  • What worths do you wish to impart in them?
  • Just how much time do you wish to spend with your youngsters each day/week?

Vision Board Categories – 8. Social life

  • What sorts of relationships would you such as to develop?
  • What kind of pal would certainly you like to be?
  • What kinds of activities would certainly you such as to experience or appreciate in your social life?

Vision Board Categories – 9. Financial life

  • How much money would you such as to make or conserve?
  • Exactly how would certainly you such as to see money flow to you?

Vision Board Categories – 10. Career

  • What positions would you like to load?
  • What skills would you like to elarn or attain?
  • What kinds of jobs would certainly you take pleasure in working on?
  • Where would certainly you like to function or be employed?

Vision Board Categories – 11. Quality of life

  • Where would certainly you such as to live?
  • What would you like your residence or cars and truck to look like?
  • Where would you such as to travel?
  • How does your daily life look?

Vision Board Categories – 12. Life Vision

  • What do you view as your grand contribution to on your own, your area, or your earth?


After requiring time to service this exercise (which can take days or weeks), just how do you really feel? Did you discover something about yourself you were not aware of before? Did you find some quality in a location of your life?

We would enjoy to speak with you in the comments.


vision board categories

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