Vision Board Pinterest Version To Reach Your Goals


Creating Vision Board Pinterest Version To Reach Your Goals

A vision board Pinterest version is one of the best choices when creating your dream board.

More and more popular, the vision board is a great tool to achieve your goals. And no, it does not hold magical thinking!

Rather, it is intended as a visualization technique that puts your brain at your service.

Energy is mobilized where your focus goes.

For example, when you drive a car, you naturally lead it to where you are looking. Take your eyes off the road and notice that the car will also swerve.

It goes without saying that if we constantly tell ourselves that we cannot achieve this or that goal, our brain will submit to the request.

It is therefore essential to keep your objectives in mind and to maintain a positive discourse towards them. This is where the visualization board comes in.

By grouping images that remind us of our goals, our brain goes into “solution search” mode to achieve these goals.

Visualization is also widely used by athletes, who focus on their victory and the steps leading to it.



The objective of creating a Vision Board

The objective of creating a Vision Board is to train your eye and your subconscious mind so that you begin to observe and detect all those possibilities that already exist in the quantum field.

In addition, it will help you practice visualization, which is a very important exercise to convert your potential reality to your physical reality, since when you imagine what you want with a great level of detail.

You begin to feel the emotions, which are in coherence with your thoughts, you will emit the electromagnetic frequency that will make that manifestation of the quantum field into the physical one.

I know that maybe you weren’t expecting to read all this, and that’s why I think it’s important to emphasize it so that your Vision Board works.

In my case, having a Vision Board has helped me create extraordinary work and “manifest” my dream home. What’s more, now I’m writing to you from her.

So if you’re ready to create your own Vision Board, let’s get started!



How to create a Vision Board with Pinterest

The fastest and easiest way to create a Vision Board NOW is with Pinterest because it has all the necessary functions for this purpose.

The app was created to inspire us to realize our dreams!

On Pinterest, you can create personal boards where you can click on the ideas of your choice, out of the billions – yes, BILLIONS – of images and videos that circulate on the platform.

And not to mention all the new content that appears every day.


Vision board Pinterest Steps

So, first of all, I recommend that you prepare the environment to create your Vision Board, since, remember, you are about to create the beginning of your new reality!

Turn off your phone (or silence notifications), put on music that makes you feel happy, light some scented candles that bring back happy memories, and make yourself comfortable.

Once ready, write on paper everything you want to see in your reality, EVERYTHING. From the material to the invisible.

You can write the things you would like to enjoy, such as a new house or car, the trips you dream of doing, the friends or partners you want to attract, the health and physical state you want to have, and the emotions you would like to feel often. , etc etc.

The truth is that there are no rules or limits to creating a Vision Board because it is about creating a new reality.

When you have more or less written all of the above, go to Pinterest (registration is free!).


Register on Pinterest

You can use the application on your mobile, or enter the web from your notebook.

Open your profile and create a Dashboard with a title that is motivating for you.

You can use your name, a date, a year, or whatever you want.

You can even title it Vision Board or My New Reality, for example.

The idea is that you know that this board has this purpose.


Browse to Find Images

Now start looking for the things you wrote down on your paper on Pinterest.

You will see that when you type single words in the search engine, the application shows you suggestions and tags that help you better define the ideas you want to find.

Start browsing between them, and save those pins that you love on the board you just created.

As you save these ideas, the Pinterest algorithm begins to understand what you like and begins to suggest more new ideas without you even looking for them. Try and see. It’s magic.

For emotional goals, what you can look for are phrases or words, like inspirational posters, since there are cases in which there is not always a direct representation of what you want.

As a recommendation, I suggest that, even if you like beautiful phrases, you always try to have more images than words, since they communicate much more, and besides, they give Pinterest indicators of what new ideas it can suggest the next time you connect.

When you have collected multiple pins for each goal, you have your Vision Board!

You will see that your board is now a collection of images, illustrations, videos, and photos, that begin to give life to that reality that you have the potential to create.

After creating your Vision Board on Pinterest, you have several options and you choose what to do.


When it´s done …

My recommendation is that you forget about your vision board.

Yes, as you read.

Human beings are dual.

Therefore, just as we want something, at the same time we do not want it, for fear of failure.

So, to counteract this negative force, the easiest thing we can do is forget about the vision board, knowing that having created it with intention, all we have to do is continue our “normal life”, acting to achieve what we want.

Some people can have their vision board stuck in the office or the bedroom, and it can work for you, more than anything if you can manage your self-sabotages.

Anyway, everyone has the freedom to do what they want with their vision board, because it is something super personal.

Looking at it once or looking at it every day is not the question, but getting your Vision Board to be the place that helps you visualize what your potential reality is and that helps you detect the possibilities to create it, in everything you do, being off Pinterest.


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Vision Board Pinterest F.A.Q.

How to make a vision board on Pinterest?

Open your profile and create a Dashboard with a title that is motivating for you. You can use your name, a date, a year, or whatever you want. You can even title it Vision Board or My New Reality, for example. The idea is that you know that this board has this purpose.

What is a Pinterest board?

Boards are where you keep your Pins. You can create new boards from your profile or when you save a Pin.

How to make nobody see my Pinterest?

  • Click at the top of Pinterest to open your menu.
  • Click Edit Settings.
  • Click Privacy & Data on the left side of the screen.
  • Move the control next to “Hide your profile from search engines.”


Learn more about Vision Boards



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