How To Think Positively And Stop Thinking Negative

How To Think Positively

You read everywhere you have to think on a positive mode but, how to think positively?

Stop doing battle with your thoughts.

How to think positive and stop thinking negative is simply a matter of communicating with the part of you that is holding you back.

It’s all-out war! And you might be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with willpower.

If you have tried and tried to change the thoughts in your head with no or only mediocre results, pat yourself on the back!

What? Huh? Yes, please pat yourself on the back, do it right now!

Why? You are 80% of the way to changing those thoughts for good, you just don’t know it yet.



How To Think Positively And Stop Thinking Negative The Easy Way

The most important thing to know right now is this–You recognize that your thoughts are the problem, not your current circumstances, somebody or something else!

See, so many people have the toughest time or simply refuse to admit that this is the REAL cause of their problems.

And if you have tried to change those negative thoughts, you are to be commended because you have found the key that will open the door to finally achieving your dreams.

Some people naturally learn how to think positive and stop thinking negative.

But, the majority of us have too much baggage and too many blocks to do it on our own.

That is why most of us need some help. But there are so many books, tapes, and CDs on positive thinking, self-help, hypnosis and subliminal messaging that it’s tough to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

Not only is the research part of this difficult, but it can be a total drain on your wallet as well.

The key to working all of this out is quite simple. You just need to figure out which “Method of Delivery” works best for you.


What is a “Method of Delivery”?

It is how the product reaches your Subconscious Mind.

This is the ONLY place where true changes can occur because your Subconscious just accepts whatever it is given.

In other words, your conscious mind can put up all kinds of roadblocks, think negatively and do more damage than good.

But the Subconscious mind will openly and willingly accept whatever belief or statement it receives.

Get to your subconscious with the right thoughts and visualizations and you will get what you want.

Because everyone is different, choosing the “how” or “method of delivery” to get to your subconscious is the real difference between failure and success. Because we are all individuals, we need to find what works best for us.

This is also based on our lifestyle.

Do you respond better when you hear something? Do you spend a lot of time in your car? Then an Audio Guided Visualization or Hypnosis is probably your best bet.

Do you work on your computer or surf the internet for more than 30 minutes a day? Then Subliminal Software is probably the best for you.

Do you like to watch movies or TV? Then Subliminal Videos will get you where you want to go quickly.

Now that you know your method of delivery, it is just a matter of finding a product that has been tested and is GUARANTEED to work.

Now you can relax and get to where you want to go easily and quickly!


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How to Think Positive Thoughts

How to think positive thoughts that’s the big question!

Every thought we have is not always strong and focused.

The largest part of our day is exhausted or spent in so-called minor thoughts, which are just fleeting thoughts that come and go and generally do not help us in being positive.

Other types of thoughts that are not little or fleeting, gather around similar thoughts.

They are all united around the same topics and created beliefs.

We can produce our thoughts or we can adopt them from others. Some of our thoughts were gathered throughout our childhood.

These thoughts were fundamentally not our own.

We borrowed them from our mother and father, family and later from teachers and or religious leaders.

And now let’s check to see how these two groups of thought can make an effect on our life.


1- Big thoughts or beliefs

If a few thoughts are collected around the same thought and form a belief, then those thoughts are filled with a significant emotional charge.

These thoughts will attract in your everyday life the same people and circumstances that share the same energy.

We make our reality through our contact with the wonderful power of free will.

If our beliefs are positive they will bring us some resolution to all the challenges that we are faced with even during the most inconvenient circumstances.

Having thoughts of overall success combined with a positive outlook will bring you to a life full of balance and harmony.

Wherever we go, even if we change the nation we live in, our thoughts stay with us. Our beliefs are continuously bringing into our lives the same circumstances and events.

The main problems that most of us fight with every day are negative thoughts and Ideas, which we bring to life by believing in them.

Hopefully, you now understand how much damage that you can do to yourself and others in your surroundings by not having a good positive outlook.

In this way, you can and will attract negative influences into your life and not even realize that you are doing it. By not being positive you will affect everyone and everything in your life.


2- Small thoughts

Small fleeting negative thoughts that can temporarily fly through your conscious mind and just as quickly fly away, could produce bad moods, and unpleasant feelings, without knowing why or the logical thinking behind them.

The trouble with small thoughts coming in and out of your conscious mind is that they often come back, and every time they do unfortunately can get stronger and more convincing. On average 70 per cent of people’s thoughts are negative from day to day.

Joy in life and your inner energy are stolen every day when you think negatively.

Manifesting and growing into new beliefs is exactly what minor negative thoughts can do if left unchecked. This could attract more negative things or events into your life.

The freedom of choice is in our hands. If you implant the thought and believe that every day you attract what you think.

We can create miracles in our lives and improve them drastically by thinking positive.

In that way, we can discover two very important lessons which are everyday optimism and an existence full of joy.

If you open your eyes you will see the Law of Attraction is working all around you.

In your life, in your relationships, and your workplace you can attract everything that you want.

You just have to think about what you want.

Your life can be manifested by your thoughts into a physical reality. Do not disregard all that you have read here or the basic principles we have discussed here.

Do your best not to make a poor choice.

Oftentimes in life, we do not realize or understand certain things that happen in our life but we sometimes use them to help ourselves.

By learning how to think positive thoughts and by connecting that with being positive in our everyday life, we can all make uplifting thoughts to inspire ourselves and others close to us.

The Law of Attraction can be explained in three words – Thoughts Become Reality.


What are Some Tone Words? – INK Blog


Don’t Think Without These Top 3 Proven How to Think Positive Techniques

It seems that everyone who has watched the Secret wants to discover how to think positive.

Do you think positive?

Are positive thoughts flowing through your mind right now?

Are you emotionally aware of your good feelings?

Did watching the secret open your eyes to a new world?

You can have an improved mind right now only if you follow three easy suggestions!


1. Build Confidence

Building self-confidence within yourself, allows a person to envision themselves as a high-performing human being instead of a low concept individual.

People with high self-confidence take on more tasks and approach each situation with a calm, clear and relaxed mind.

You allow yourself to be consumed by expecting the best out of every situation instead of the worst.

Building self-confidence dilutes stress, increases brain power, builds focus, and constructs determination.


2. Find a Purpose

Most people in life have no purpose in living. Human beings have become wandering generalities instead of meaningful specifics.

Everyone in society lives in fear, while few see fear as an illusion. Possessing a purpose for living improves the mind immensely.

It allows a person to feel significant. Finding joy within their work, while moving towards a common goal (more on that later in another article).

Imagine, enjoying a task while receiving the benefits of peace of mind, prosperity, security and pure joy of working.


3. Take Action

It’s said that a “Thought without action is just a delusion”. With that being said I want you to live in the moment of NOW!

Do anything, which will show you’re serious about pursuing your dreams.

Most people never succeed in life not because they gave up, but because they never took the first step.

So today, instead of watching your favourite soap opera at 2 pm; take that hour and work towards your goal. Like the Great motivational speaker, Brian Tracy once said

” Success is goals and all else is Commentary” – Brian Tracy

If you have found this article helpful as expected I’m glad to be of service.

Do you want to learn how to think positive within the next 2 minutes for free? Congratulations on stepping forward to greatness.


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How To Think Positively When Everything Is Going Wrong

For a better quality of life, it is important to understand how to think positively when everything is going wrong.

The outlook that an individual embraces affects almost all areas of their life. Adopting an optimistic way of thinking will create an atmosphere of calm and control.

When everything seems to be going wrong it is easy to begin thinking negative thoughts.

However, one way to turn pessimism into optimism is to change the way that the events are being looked at.

Negative events tend to leave an individual feeling drained and helpless. However, each occurrence that is experienced has a bright side.

Focusing on what is or what will be positive as a result of the negative event will help the individual to regain positive energy.

Having a positive role model who has overcome some of the circumstances being experienced can be helpful.

If an individual sees that they are not the only person that has gone through bad times and that there are people who have risen above their same circumstances it can elicit hope.

When a person feels hopeful they typically begin to feel more confident that they will overcome challenges.


So how to think positively

Individuals may want to take the time to assess their strengths.

Focusing on what is good about their abilities will allow the person to gain reassurance that they have the necessary fortitude to get through hard times.

Taking an inventory of challenges that were faced in the past and remembering how they were overcome will help the individual be reminded that they are strong enough to succeed again.

Changing diet and lifestyle can be effective in overall mind and body connection.

If areas in life are adverse, individuals tend to fall into a destructive pattern of skipping exercise and eating unhealthy meals.

This can cause fatigue and sometimes depression.

Consuming foods high in protein and nutrients and avoiding sugars, salts and processed foods will help the mind and body become more focused and energized.

Additionally, exercising at least three times a week will increase confidence.

Setting realistic goals and timelines will help individuals gain control of their circumstances.

Evaluating each negative situation individually will help the individual to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Writing ideas down on a piece of paper will help to maintain focus and accountability.

It can be difficult to know how to think positively when everything is going wrong.

However, when individuals focus on what they have control over and let go of what they cannot control they will feel more empowered and optimistic.


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How to Think Positive With Subliminal Messages

Here is another great technique on how to thin positively.

A successful career, happy life and fulfilled dreams, this is what most people want from their life.

Many people think about all these achievements but most of the time their attitude holds them back from achieving these.

The world is surrounded by lots of negative thoughts and so it is the basic nature of human beings to get easily influenced by these negative powers.

Nowadays, the concept of a positive attitude is in great focus and this is the only way to achieve all the possible goals in life.

The question here arises, do subliminal messages help in boosting positive thinking?

Positive thinking is the first step towards achieving one’s future goals and there are effective techniques that can help people to think positively with the help of subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are the best way to think positive and it is also called self-help.

One can also use the term self-hypnosis to boost self-confidence and to think positively. Several people in the world use this technique for removing hurdles from their life.

Several advertisers use subliminal messaging in boosting their sales.

However, subliminal messages are not legal for advertising but one can use this technique for self-help.

There are several ways to rebuild positive thinking.

Often, the human mind is contaminated with negative thoughts and there is a special need to purify the mind to release it from these dangerous negative thoughts.

One just needs a medium to boost the mind with positive powers and kick the negative powers permanently from the mind.

There are several mp3s and videos available which can be used for self-treatment.

The negative thoughts are hidden under the subconscious mind which can be exposed by boosting positive powers within. So, subliminal messages are the best way to think positive and achieve all the goals in life.


Video: How to think positively



Expand the power of visualization

If you want to boost your results using the power of visualization you can use visualization meditation.

The combination or mix of meditation with the power of visualization is going to make you vibrate at a high frequency making it easier to manifest what you want.

We can assure you the benefits of this practice are enormous.

In only 7 weeks your transformation will be complete.  Check this resource:


Vibrational Meditation


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