Vision Board Ideas to Inspire You

Vision board ideas

Sometimes it is a little difficult to find vision board ideas that will satisfy us.

To a large extent, this is because we are not clear about our goals or what we want in life.

A good idea will always be to create vision boards by topic or category. For example, a board about career goals, about lifestyle, about the ideal partner, etc.

It is like sculpting each part of your life, shaping even the smallest details.

To give you a clearer idea of this, I share some vision board ideas.



15 Vision Board Ideas


1. Board of Enlightened Vision

Find content and images that promote self-awareness and positive change, and add them to an illuminating vision board.

This table does not need to inspire you to achieve a specific goal. It might just help you with your personal growth and emotional maturity. You can then use those internal skills and do something with them.


2. Board of Spiritual Vision

Do you have spiritual goals that you want to keep front and centre every day? What are some sacred visuals and words that move you in the direction you want to take?

Your spiritual vision board should remind you why your spiritual development and growth is worth your time and energy. He should also celebrate how far he has come.


3. Children’s vision board

A child’s vision board can inspire them to celebrate their interests and accomplishments or encourage them to explore new ones.

Either way, they should remind their young creators of what they are capable of and what they have learned so far. She has to lift them and lead them higher.


4. Family vision board

A family vision board can be a team effort or something that you start and leave unfinished for other family members to add to it.

You can also create your paintings to show what you value most in your family. Use visuals that remind you of all the good times and inspire you to create new ones.


5. Advice for a strong female vision

What visuals make you think of the qualities you would expect to see in a strong woman? What comes to your mind when you visualize yourself as one person?

If this is the theme of your vision board, choose words, pictures, or other content that will inspire you to cultivate these qualities within you and celebrate the strength you already have.


6. Build your corporate vision dashboard

What visuals represent the type of business you want to run? I’m not just talking about what you want to sell or the service you want to provide.

I mean what values ​​do you want your business to communicate to your customers or customers?

What words and visuals do you want them to associate with you and your brand?


7. Creative Vision Board

Use it to brainstorm on new creative projects or to remind yourself to stay on track with current projects. What do you like to create, and why?

Use visuals that show off what you’ve created in the past, as well as creative projects on your to-do list. Celebrate your creativity and that of those who inspire you.


8. The board  of Your Best Life Vision

What comes to mind when you ask, “How do you see your best life?” What visuals motivate you to take action to make this dream come true?

The life you work for has more meaning than a life given to you by someone else. So what kind of life do you think deserves to sweat? What is it worth to you?


9. Personal Values ​​Vision Board

This chart is about the core values ​​behind your character and your daily actions. These words should have everything to do with how you spend your time.

Pick the words and phrases that mean the most to you, and surround them with visuals that bring them to life.


10. Vision board for moms

Whether you are a future mom, a new mom, or an experienced mom, this vision board is about what kind of mom you want to be. Because we never stop learning.

Make way for visuals that celebrate your best times as a mom – as well as those that taught you something that nothing else could have taught you.


11. Vision board for men

Whatever type of man you want to be – for yourself, your partner, your kids, your friends, etc.

And don’t forget to celebrate the values ​​and traits that you have admired in others and worked to cultivate at home.


12. Board of Artful Vision

If the artistic expression is your passion, use a vision board to celebrate it.

Use visuals that show your artistic style, the completed works you are proud of, the artistic influences that inspired you, and what you would like to accomplish next as an artist.


13. Vision board for life goals

By “life goals” I mean big goals – the ones that define you.

These are the goals that stand out, more than all the others, as the goals that represent what is most important to you. Use visuals that represent the actions you can take.


14. Home and Living Vision Board

If you’re on the hunt for your dream home or planning to renovate your home, a vision board can help you focus on the outcomes that matter most to you.

It’s all too easy to spend more than you need to when trying to renovate every detail you come across. Use your vision board to get the big picture and save money.


15. Gratitude Vision Board

Maybe the most important board you can build because of its meaning.

Include anything you are grateful for.  What you have, who you are, your achievements,


vision board ideas


What vision board ideas will you choose?

Have you thought of any vision board ideas that we missed? Or which of these ideas are you most excited to try?

Maybe you prefer to start with a digital vision board on Pinterest. There you will find plenty of inspiration for all kinds of vision boards you can imagine.

And if you want to see more options for the specific vision board you want to create, use Pinterest’s search feature. Or try an image search with your browser using “vision board +

Your mission is to make yours look exactly the same you want it to be – with your unique vision, ideas and flair.

Make it whatever you want it to be.


vision board ideas


Vision Boards FAQ: Your Questions Answered!

Ever feel lost in a sea of to-do lists without a clear vision for your future? Vision boards are here to help!

These powerful collages act as a roadmap for your dreams, transforming desires into a tangible plan.

What is the purpose of a vision board?

Think of vision boards as dream catchers, but instead of nightmares, they snag your aspirations! By putting images, words, and affirmations that represent your goals front and center, you create a constant reminder of what you’re working towards. This visual map keeps you motivated, focused, and inspired on your journey to success.

Do vision boards really work?

The power of vision boards lies in the magic of visualization. Science backs this up! Studies show that mentally rehearsing your goals can increase your chances of achieving them. Vision boards act as a constant prompt, reminding you of your desires and subconsciously nudging your brain to seek out opportunities that align with them.

What’s the psychology behind vision boards?

Vision boards tap into the Law of Attraction, the idea that focusing on your desires can help bring them to fruition. They also engage a part of your brain called the reticular activating system (RAS). The RAS acts like a filter, prioritizing information relevant to your current focus. By surrounding yourself with your aspirations, you train your RAS to become more attuned to opportunities that can help you achieve them.

What do people put on vision boards?

The beauty of vision boards is their customization! Anything that ignites your fire can find a place on your board. Maybe it’s a picture of your dream home, a quote that inspires you, or an affirmation like “I am a successful entrepreneur.” Feel free to include magazine clippings, travel photos, or even sketches of your own. The key is to choose visuals that resonate with you and evoke a sense of excitement and possibility.


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Vision boards are more than just pretty collages; they’re a powerful tool for harnessing the Law of Attraction and the science of visualization.

So grab your scissors, magazines, and a sprinkle of creativity, and get ready to unlock the magic within you!

Remember, the key is to be clear on your desires, choose visuals that spark joy and motivation, and keep your board somewhere you’ll see it often.

Happy manifesting!


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vision board ideas

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