How to manifest using visualization in 5 steps


How to manifest using visualization

Visualization is a powerful practice that can help you manifest what you want.

This blog post will give you the 5 steps you need to master visualization.

The definition of manifestation is cultivating the feeling of what you want to experience and then allowing that experience to form through the energetic alignment of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

And visualization helps you do just that.

Visualization helps you vibrationally align with your desire by cultivating the feeling of experiencing your desire. as if it has manifested.

The more you embody the positive feelings of experiencing your desire, the closer you are to manifesting your desire.




Visualization Benefits

Four extremely significant benefits result from using visualization techniques to concentrate on your goals and ambitions.

1.) It awakens your creative subconscious, which will begin to produce original thoughts to help you reach your objective.

2. It trains your brain to recognize and perceive the resources you will need to realize your dreams more easily.

3.) It brings into your life the people, things, and circumstances you’ll need to reach your objectives by triggering the law of attraction.

4. It strengthens the internal drive you need to take the essential steps to realize your dreams.

Visualization is actually very easy to do. You take a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and visualize what you would see if the dream you are currently having had already come true.

Consider being inside of yourself and observing the ideal outcome through your eyes.


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For each goal, create a visual image and an affirmation.

We advise you to research or make a picture of every facet of the life you see for yourself.

For each of your goals—financial, job, recreational, learning new skills and abilities, things you wish to buy, etc.—create a picture or other visual depiction.

When Jack Canfield was writing the first Chicken Soup for the Soul® book, he copied the New York Times bestseller list, scanned it into his computer, and typed Chicken Soup for the Soul at the top of the “Paperback Advice, How-To, and Miscellaneous” category using the same font as the newspaper.

He made multiple copies and posted them around the office.

His book dominated that category less than two years later and remained there for more than a year.

That’s a fairly good illustration of how to use visualization to your advantage!


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How to Use Your Day’s 10 Most Important Minutes

One key strategy employed by the most successful people in the world is visualization, which involves picturing the goal as already accomplished.

Because it uses the power of our subconscious mind, visualization is powerful.

When we picture our goals as accomplished, it creates a mental conflict between what we are picturing and what we actually have.

Our minds are designed to resolve such conflicts by attempting to make the actual reality conform to the ideal world.

The subconscious mind is motivated to work harder at coming up with solutions when the creative skills of visualization are activated.

Additionally, you’ll experience higher levels of motivation and discover that you’re doing things that you normally wouldn’t do but that will advance your chances of success.

The Reticular Activating System (RAS), which acts as a mental filter for the 8 million bits of information that are flooding into our brains at any given time, is programmed as the third-way visualization increases success.


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5 Steps on How to Manifest using Visualization

Follow these 5 steps to visualize your path to your manifestation.


1. Find a quiet place

The first step to manifesting using visualization is to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a while.

This can be your bedroom, your basement, or your backyard.

Choose a place where you can sit quietly for about 10 minutes.


2. Take a seat and take a deep breath

The second step to visualization is to take a seat high on the floor or in a chair.

It doesn’t matter where you sit, as long as you feel comfortable.

Remember, this visualization exercise will take about 10 minutes to complete, so choose the most comfortable sitting position for your body.

Once you are seated, close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out deeply.

Clear your mind of excess thoughts by focusing your attention on the breath moving in and out of your nose or mouth.

Use your inhalations to breathe inspiration and positivity. Use your exhalations to exhale limitations and negativity.

Continue this cycle of breaths for 10 rounds.


3. Visualize your desire

The third step is to visualize the desire you want to manifest.

You may have many things that you want to manifest, but for this exercise, simply choose one that stands out to you the most.

If you keep a manifestation journal, feel free to look through it and choose a wish from it.

Start thinking about your desire and create a mental image of your desire in your mind.

The more details you come up with, the more realistic your manifestation will seem.

Use your five senses to describe your desire.

Imagine yourself being who you want to be.

Picture yourself living the life you want to live and picture yourself doing what you want to do.

Once you have a vivid image of your wish in your mind, move on to the next step.


4. Shift your focus to your feelings

The fourth step to manifesting using visualization is to shift your focus to how you feel.

Now that you have a clear picture of your desire, I want you to shift your attention to your feelings and emotions.

Instead of just thinking about the shape of your desire, think about how good it feels to experience it.

For example, if you want to manifest a new job, don’t just think about your shiny new corner office or fancy job title. Go beyond form by imagining how good it feels to work in a career that truly aligns with your passion.

Focus on emotions with high vibrations like joy, happiness or passion.

If you’re not sure which emotion corresponds to which vibration, check out the Emotional Orientation Scale.

You can even take it to the next level by imagining how your manifestation can lift the spirits of your family, loved ones, and friends.

Continue looking for better-feeling thoughts and invite positive images into your mind for about 5 minutes.


5. Feel your vibrations change

The final step in manifesting using visualization is to feel your energy shift into higher vibrations.

Now that you have a strong mental image of your desire and how good it is to feel, it’s time to let the positive energy lift your vibrations.

Continue to sit still for 5 minutes and simply let the positive energy you have cultivated marinate.

You may feel the need to smile or feel a sudden surge of optimism running through your body, which are good signs that your visualization is working as intended.

After your 5 minutes are up, take a moment to identify how your emotions have changed compared to before.

Use the Emotional Orientation Scale to identify the emotions you feel now compared to the emotions you felt at the beginning of the practice.

Take note of any positive changes in your emotions and notice how much your vibrations increased.

Your emotions tell you whether you’re backing up your desire with positive or negative vibes, which determines the kind of results you’ll attract.



How to manifest using visualization




You can manifest using visualization by putting all the pieces together.

The visual impact on your brain is going to generate thoughts and emotions.  Align them in one direction so you are going to generate the right vibrational frequency to match your desire.

That´s when the magic appears.

That object, person, money, whatever, is going to show in your life in very ways.

If you want to transform you life for the better, check this helpful resource.



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How to manifest using visualization

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